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Raw Reaction, Observation, Review about C & C Rivals

by Crazysmokingman

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Raw Reaction, Observation, Review about C & C Rivals

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To ELECTRONIC ARTS: Game is too childish too look at in terms of Graphics, details, gameplay feel and UI Strategy based games like COC and the likes (similar ones) if we are talking about comparing C & C to other similar games or the old classic and highly acclaimed C & C games. Excitingly was waiting for this release but honestly I got totally disappointed. Was anticipating rather the Straight Forward, Raw, Bad a**, Mature, Rugged, Action Packed your hands are gonna sweat, Dirty (in a good sense) remastered version like its Predecessors (Red Alert, Tiberian Sun (includes expansion pack: Firestorm and all its series) Yuri's Revenge, and the highly anticipated Generals, etc (any from the 1995 release) from Westwood Studios or better. What I got here is totally adaptive to COC's Gameplay or worse, including its design game didn't put me the feel that I was "Commanding and Conquering" and you didn't even bring back the offline Skirmish Mode. Game design for me is not totally detailed. Seriously when I downloaded and opened this, immediately from being excited, stoked, so happy and all, immediately it turned into sheer horror and actually got emotional since when I saw the news that this C&C will be remastered and at last, finally someone stood up and will bring back the Nostalgic TRUE STRATEGIC ACTION PACKED BATTLEFIELD, THE KING OF ALL STRATEGY BASED GAMES! Not totally into Strategy Based games up to now but when I was young and stumbled into C&C way back, boy, those were the good ol' Glory Days ☺️! it also gave me a reason to buy my first desktop back then. Sorry to put this out but i know EA is truly one of the greats in developing games with its great studios, heavy funding (you even acquired Westwood Studios), great game concepts, designs, ideas, even spending into IAP's in your games is totally worth it but with this release, in my honest review, you completely maligned (sorry EA) Command and Conquer Anyway maybe I'm just heavily anticipating the only school C&C since im from that era and left with it in terms of games and I just dont totally play strat games very often totally rare for me to play strat games and waited for too long just to play this again after many years but when I saw this, got teary eyed in sorrow and despair, I got shattered since I'm not a total gamer but when I see a game, I know, I will stay by it, support it to the best way I can. We all have different opinions, some like it, some dont so count me in the DON'T 100% sorry but I have high expectations from this release (its just me, no offense). Will still support EA GAMES in Android and continue play the old C&C games in my P&C over and over again will even emulate it if possible, just to have a feel of it in from my device. Additional suggestions 1. option to play Offline (Skirmish) 2. Bigger/Wider Battlefield 3. Again, please do something to make the experience exciting a bit brutal but still friendly on the side say put a bit of blood splatters on the dirt. And always, let players like me feel that they're totally leaders, strategic commanders, battlefield generals on the ground and most of all a strategist in terms of Game UI, Voice overs, etc. Just dont know EA, Aside from the players suggestions, you have all the experts when it comes to developing games you should know better. I really have high expectations with EA thats why I'm lashing out now turned into dust and you totally blew this up.  Just hoped you did a survey first before remastering this game.  I even created a EA Account just for saying and bringing this out.

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Re: Raw Reaction, Observation, Review about C & C Rivals

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