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Ranked Speedlist Points System

by CN21Gaming

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Ranked Speedlist Points System

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I have 166 hrs in the game, but sadly, i still do not know how the points system works in ranked speedlists. When i lose, by that i mean when i come 2nd, i lose 14-20 points. But when i win, i get only 4-5 points. That is seriously unfair. I am fine with down ranking in ranked mode, as it is quite competitive. But it needs to be fair, which it isn't. You lose your points and rank when u perform poorly. Is coming 2nd in a 8-player speedlist poor? And if i really lose 15 points when i come 2nd, then why do i get only 5 points when i come first, Shouldn't i get those points back or more than that?


And for f***s sake, how does this system work? Last week, in a 8 man speedlist, i came 3rd and i gained points, today i came 2nd in a 8 man speedlist and i lose 15 points. Sometimes i lose points, sometimes i gain, while finishing in the same position with same number of players in speedlist. How does this thing work? Can anyone explain?


It is really unfair. Coz, today i dropped from 5 to 4 in ranked mode, coz the game penalised me heavily for coming 2nd in 2 races. Even though i won rest of the events and came first in the speedlist, I didn't get those points back. I lost 30 points in thoe two races i came 2nd in. 2 speedlists later i still haven't managed to make up for those points. Is this how you extract more gametime from players?

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Re: Ranked Speedlist Points System

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I'm a bit unsure how it works with coming 2nd n such, but for me, I can tell you how it is at rank 7 and 8.

At rank 7, you must find people who are of rank 5 or better, and they cannot be people who just got rank 5, they have to be about 100 points into rank 5. For beating a rank 5, no matter how many other rank 5s there are in the lobby, you get 1 point. If you were to find a rank 6, with more than 100 points into his rank, you get 2 points for winning.

However, if you come in 2nd at rank 7, against for example a rank 5, you lose about 9-11 points depending on how far into the rank they are. (Mostly 9 points.)

If you come 2nd against a rank 9, you lose nothing.

At rank 8, you must find people of rank 6 or higher. If you beat a rank 6, you get 1 point per race, and you get 2 points for rank 7.

From what I can see, the points move up and down a lot more in the lower ranks, my friend went down 100 points in a speedlist the other day for finishing 7th 5 races in a row in a lobby with rank 2,3 and 4 players.

I personally won't try to go for rank 9 for a while, waiting for the community to catch up a bit.
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Re: Ranked Speedlist Points System

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Best explanation I've seen thanks!! From what you've said then, I'd assume that it works the same at all ranks. The lower the people you lose against, the more points you lose
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Re: Ranked Speedlist Points System

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Yeah, I wish I knew more about the lower ranks but when I was below rank 6, the latest update regarding ranks hadn't been released yet, so it was a lot different. (For finishing 2nd at that point you could lose like 90 points at once)
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