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Re: Pvz is my favorite game, and I want to share some ideas and thoughts

by JamGotIce

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Pvz is my favorite game, and I want to share some ideas and thoughts

★★★★★ Newbie






Hello. Before I start off, I just want to thank EA for bringing us this absolute masterpeice of a game. I was in love with PVZGW1 ( Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warafare 1 ) and the second one was just amazingly fun. I played this game for Hours and Hours on end during my summer break (I’m 13) and no matter how many times I play it, I always enjoy it just the same. EA has a reputation for being Pay-To-win, and while this has SOME truth to it, their games are still extremely fun to play without using microtransactions. I personally find more enjoyment in earning the characters through playtime rather than buying them.

i would rate this game 100/5 stars, but I think the game needs a few tweaks to get it to 105/5 stars


•Party characters

I love the look, and the feel of playing a party character, they’re just so fun looking and exciting. When I played infinity for what felt like the millionth time (but was proabably only my 10th) I was bursting with joy when I finally got a party character. My first legendary😀!!! (Although I already did have Hover-Goat and torch wood, but their rarity is unspecified) I was not only happy because I love party characters, but I got my favorite one first! How amazing!!! I almost never use roses, but as soon as I got party rose, that sure changed. However, I ran into a rather disappointing issue. Please don’t get the idea this game has major issues or needs to be fixed, your game is great. Anyway, I soon discovered, party rose is worse than normal rose. This disappointed me greatly because I had finally gotten the one character I had dreamed of since I discovered legendary characters existed, and it was kind of a let down. 

•she sacrifices 2 ammo from her clip. This doesn’t seem like much on the surface, but since it’s very agreeable that Druid rose is easily the best non-legendary rose out there, the extra 10 ammo Druid rose has over normal rose is one of the main reason it’s definitely a crowd favorite. Two other reasons being splash and toxic affect. When you play normal rose, it feels like you never have enough ammo, even with the ammo upgrade. Party rose has two less, which is not great since normal rose lacks ammo, and she has 2 more. Party rose is otherwise the same as Rose, but with less ammo. Yes, I’m not ignoring the large fact she has a party time, but I feel like the large majority of players aren’t skilled enough to get a five kill streak, including me. Now, I know other readers may be going “oh, well then you’re just bad at the game”. While yes, I’m not amazing at it, I still think I have developed a slightly above average skill level, especially considering I played GW1. I often get the vanquish master boast, I just never really get the vanquish streak boast. Yes, again, I know, it’s just a matter of skill. But me and proabably a good 50% of PVZGW can agree, a five kill streak can be quite difficult (in multiplayer) . Party rose isn’t ABSOLUTE trash, i mean, I still get vanquishes occasionally, but considering the amount of effort it takes to get, I think it should be Noticeably better than normal Rose.


before you make the assumption this is just about party ROSE, don’t. The other party characters Have a similar issue, I’m just using rose as my example because it’s my favorite of all the party characters.


checkpoint! Yet another time, I would like to say a huge thank you to EA for making this amazing game, and I want  you, the reader, to know I’m just trying to help it be even better than it already is.



I love Chompers, but when I’m playing as a zombie I realize, that when I’m a Chomper, the other team doesn’t exactly love them as much as I do. It can be quite frustrating when a Chomper is very low on HP, you are about to vanquish him, and one, lucky, chimp from the back and you are gone, no matter how much HP you have.

It’s really difficult for me to suggest ( I said suggest because I’m not complaining, just sharing my idea of improvement) how overpowered Chompers are because I still really like Chompers regardless, and if I get lucky enough that EA listens and does something, I fear it will ruin the belovedly classic, iconic staple Chompers have had in my and many other people’s lives ever since the very first plants vs. zombies game ever. No matter how much thought is put into the process of balancing the Chomper’s Bite attack. But it is a bit annoying since a Chomper can vanquish you in a single bite, completely uncounterable, no matter how incredibly skilled you are, or if you’re like me, about average. I think the Chompers burrow ability is ok, since it takes time to recharge and you can’t burrow indefinitely. Having the bite attack have the same effect as the burrow attack, however, is quite overpowered, since it:

1) doesn’t have to recharge

2) is way too easy to use, 

3) has the same one-hit-vanquish effect as the burrow.

This section about the Chomper is really difficult because everyone loves the Chomper (including me), nobody likes being instantly vanquished, but nobody wants to tweak or eradicate the bite’s special ability because it wouldn’t be the same as the iconic game character we all know and adore. This section is more of me sharing my opinion rather than suggesting changes, but if EA ever so generously listens to me and finds a way to keep the Iconic, snack loving Chomper, and get rid of this biting issue, i’ll Be eternally grateful.

(just so you know, I’m not expecting EA to change any game mechanics because of my and maybe other peoples opinion, if fact, I’m not even expecting them to read this. I’m sure they’re busy developing other games or updates or whatever else they do.)


•legendary characters

okay so, I am a bit unhappy about this, but I understand EA gains a lot of profit from things like this, so I mostly understand.


Legendary characters are cool, pretty good, but not insanely overpowered. However, whether you try to get them through playtime, buying, or both, they are EXTREMELY difficult to get, which isnt great since they all have unique little talents or tricks up those sleeve that give them an advantage. I still understand that they should definitely be incredibly rare, I mean, they are still legendaries. However, for people who spend tons of money and take a shortcut (again, I’m Sorry EA, I understand you guys need profit from stuff like this to keep the company running.) they still don’t get even a single sticker to these guys. 

There is a ea forums page out there, it is a guy asking what the legendary character sticker drop rate is. However, if you scroll down, The only comments you find are how people have spent tons of money and still haven’t gotten even a sticker.

“20 million coins, still no legendary stickers.”

”15 million coins, only 2 legendary Hats.”

stuff like that.

this is disappointing because it leaves people who never spend money on video games pretty much zero chance.

legendary characters need to have a much, MUCH higher drop rate.

one final time, I know EA needs income. I don’t view EA as money hungry or greedy, and their games do give you a boost from microtransactions, but are still incredibly fun to play even if you don’t spend anything on them. I really think the the reputation EA gets for being “pay to win” is untruthful and needs to be dropped. I have never spent money on any video game ever (besides buying it of course) and still enjoy their games more than anyone else’s.



•❤️Backyard Battleground❤️

For this section, I’m just going to appreciate the game for a moment.

i cannot stress how much I love the addition of the Backyard Battleground. It is amazing for just quickly testing out a character, if you like single player you can go on side quests, such as Chompers pizza/ zomburger delivery, you can set record in things like bulls-eye boat blast or Shooty targets, you can play the L.E.A.F or top zombie missions, or help freezy bot 2000 to not get allergies from the dandelion horde. My absolute favorite addition, strangely, is the sewers. I LOVE the sewers. The backyard is so large, full of activity, useful things, and provides a more interactive alternative to the main menu compared to PVZGW1, which had no backyard but instead was just a main menu. I have spent hours upon hours roaming the backyard , just to explore the incredible amount of detail and effort it was made from. After many hours of just enjoying looking around and exploring, I know the backyard like it’s the back of my hand. But out of all of the places I’ve explored, the sewer is my favorite. Why? Because I’m CRAAAAAAAAZYYYY!!! 

Just kidding. I like it because of the incredible amount of detail added to such a confined space, and how there is so much to explore. So many nooks and crannies and pipes you can crawl through for no reason but it’s fun to explore anyway. Amazing. If a PVZGW3 is ever made, please have the sewers in it (same one,

or a different one it doesn’t matter.)



•Mastered Characters

When I find a character I really like, I play it a lot. I enjoy ranking up my characters and like how you get 20,000 coins as a reward. The leveling up system is satisfying because it’s not  unnecessarily difficult to level anyone up, but isn’t too easy. Finally, when I master a character, I feel an extreme sense of pride because I finally did it, it’s a big achievement for me. On the other hand, I also feel a bit of dread (dread is a way too strong word but I don’t know any weaker synonyms for that word) because I know that playing the character that I like so much will become worthless because it cannot go higher than master and the XP I gain is in a way, kind of wasted, because it no longer contributes to the character’s level. This can be difficult because I rarely master characters, I’ve only mastered four even though I have all of the non-legendary/party/special rarity characters, and I play at least an hour a day, usually more, especially on weekends. So now, it makes you feel kind of bored since you aren’t playing your favorite character anymore.

i think XP (after you’ve mastered a character) should convert to a very small amount of coins, like GW1.


•GW3 Ideas

(I may add more to this post later on)

yet again, I have to say that I don’t even expect an EA employee will read this, definitely not one that can make changes to the game, especially not one who WILL based off of an internet comment from a random player. But in the incredibly, incredibly slim chance they do, here I am.


another note:

i dont even know if a GW3 will happen, I just like pitching ideas cause it’s fun.


•#1 most important

if a GW3 does happen, the most important thing to add would be a mushroom class character. There are so many amazing drawings and fan art creations on ideas for a mushroom variant, and an even bigger community who want one, including YouTuber ZackScottGames.


Class: mushroom

primary focus: area damage and crowd control


primary attack: spore shot

-a medium firing speed, lingering cloud, mushroom that explodes into a spore cloud on impact, which lingers and deals damage over time on a wide area.

-used as crowd control


•ability ideas

-shroomy smokescreen

like the foot soldiers smoke bomb, except this does less damage and lasts longer.


-para shrooms

like a volley shot, shoot multiple explosive mushrooms into the air that take time to fall. The mushroom caps act as parachutes

these do not go straight when shot, rather, you have to aim very high to account for the bullet drop


-mushroom mania

do extra damage for a limited time, leaving a hypno shroom behind every so often as you walk.


•other variant ideas

for plants: 

-a hypnotic variant of each plant, making thier primary attack cause a hypnotic effect the same as the hypno shrooms (the spawnable minion)


make a toxic corn maybe?

how about the scrapped Chomper variant, the shark Chomper?


for zombies:


entirely new zombie class

a futuristic variant for each zombie, kind of like future cactus but without the charge-up attack


alright, thank you so, so much for reading, I know it seemed like I was complaining, but this is actually my favorite game of all time and I just wanted to help make it even more amazing than it already is. A huge thank you to EA, Frostbite studios, and everyone else who helped make this wonderful game. This game has ceased to bore me yet.

100/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


            A random 13 year old on the internet.

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Re: Pvz is my favorite game, and I want to share some ideas and thoughts

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Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback and ideas. Appreciated.

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Re: Pvz is my favorite game, and I want to share some ideas and thoughts

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Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback and ideas. Appreciated.

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Re: Pvz is my favorite game, and I want to share some ideas and thoughts

★★★★ Novice

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is quite good! I’m able to get far in the game with only paying for the game. I have played it for a year now, it is the best!

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