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Pulled Sissoko, Onana or Rodri from Community TOTS SBC.

by charliejack0308

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Re: Guaranteed SBC pack

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@zakka1daa i opened mine and got Onana I was livid because I already had him because of weekly objectives 

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Re: Can EA reply

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Why should we get free players who is earned via weekly objectives are in packs
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Re: Packed Weekly Objective Player in Community TOTS Pack

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I also packed Onana in the sbc, which i already completed trough the weekly objective, this is a complete robbery i wasted 80 k to get the player i already have, i feel sorry for the people who waste their real money on this hypocrisy. Shame on you EA. Thumbs down  Disappointed

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Re: Packed Weekly Objective Player in Community TOTS Pack

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@EA_Darko, is there any chanceof this issue actually getting fixed? I mean it is incredibly unfair and has occurred for quite a few people. This is definitely the most important promo for this game and honestly this could be the difference in a fair few people either having a good TOTS experience or a poor one


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Re: Packed Rodri again!!!

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If that’s so. Then how did ea manage to give everyone that packed the standard cards a team of the season card automatically loaded to the affected accounts

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Fifa 19 community TOTS SBC

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I completed the CTOTS SBC which cost me a lot of coins plus 1 TOTS player I had. Only to pack Onana much to my disappointed after already getting his card from the weekly objectives. However I have spoken to EA customer service about this because on the official list of CTOTS onana is not listed, . They have advised me that this shouldn't of happened and anyone who has packed either onana, rodri or sissoko from this SBc should raise the complaint with them and then they will log all complaints and resolve this problem and issue replacement players to compensate for duplicates or loss of coins. 

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Community tots

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So doing the SBC for tots guarantee and getting Rodri that I can get free. No logic there massively disappointed in this real joke at the community

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The Guaranteed Community TOTS SBC

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I decided to complete the guaranteed community TOTS SBC today however when I completed it I got the 88 TOTS Rodri which is supposed to be only available through the weekly objective so now I am stuck with two untradeable TOTS Rodri. 


Please, can someone help?

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Re: The Guaranteed Community TOTS SBC

Community Manager

Hey @Hemeidx dupes can occur in FIFA and as such there is nothing that we can do in relation to this. We cannot swap the item.


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I was just wondering if anyone else who has done the community sbc has received the tots players that are avaliable via the weekly objectives and I also wonder if anyone else feels the same way  this is daylight robbery why should we recieve tots players from a sbc that you can get for free completing a weekly objective. It's a waste of 80k And waste of players time. Free content should not be avaliable via sbc

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