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Pulled Sissoko, Onana or Rodri from Community TOTS SBC.

by charliejack0308

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Re: Guaranteed SBC pack

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I also agree I got Rodri from mine and we are taking the crap for EA’s mistake, it’s like EA don’t care about their consumers and only care about profits. I might just not buy fifa again just because I can gain a much better customer service from a different company e.g. Rockstar or Ubisoft. EA really need to sort their customer service or they will lose customers pretty quickly!!!

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Tots weekly objective players in the community sbc (should not be in avaliable)

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I was just wondering if anyone else who has done the community sbc has received the tots players that are avaliable via the weekly objectives and I also wonder if anyone else feels the same way  this is daylight robbery why should we recieve tots players from a sbc that you can get for free completing a weekly objective. It's a waste of 80k And waste of players time. Free content should not be avaliable via sbc

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Re: Guaranteed SBC pack

Community Manager

There is no bug at work here. Sissoko, Rodri and Onana were added to the TOTS Community pool and as such are packable from this SBC. 


That being said, I understand that this can be frustrating for some and that feedback has been passed along.


This thread is now locked. 

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yeah it is a common problem however, EA does not want to admet that it is a mistake from there side as those player are not supposed to be in the community TOTS according to them
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Re: Pulled sbc or weekly objective player from gaureented tots pack

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Agree... Onana, Rodri and Sissoko were NOT voted and are NOT part of official TOTS Community as even EAs site says - after EA find there in their own list those players, then OK but it is not the case. Those three players got TOTS card just by mistake and cannot be part of official TOTS Community pack as community did not vote them... EA has no excuse for another slap in players face...
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Re: Pulled sbc or weekly objective player from gaureented tots pack

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Can't agree more ea need to address this asap it's actually disgusting from them to yet again take our coins or players to give us a player we get free on objective disgrace 

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Re: Pulled sbc or weekly objective player from gaureented tots pack

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Re: Pulled sbc or weekly objective player from gaureented tots pack

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Yes I agree, I worked for that Onana for free, I then put Onana into the sbc. I then got Onana back out of the sbc which is really unfair as I did Onana for free in the objective but then had to pay 20k for the new Onana totally unfair Ea 

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Duplicate TOTS Onana

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I worked hard to do the Weekly challenge for TOTS Onana to then only get "rewarded" doing the TOTS Community SBC with another Onana. The EA Help chat was useless. Sort yourself out EA and compensate us. I can't even open packs whilst this high value item sits there.

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Re: Duplicate TOTS Onana

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