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Wrong SBC Player Earned

by 6soccer

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Wrong SBC Player Earned

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I doubt this will be read but I was promised that I'll get a new Guranteed TOTS Community SBC or some other compensation for packing Onana TOTS of whom wasnt listed on the OFFICIAL EA WEBSITE as a community TOTS. I fully understand why I packed him. But that does not change the fact that I should have been informed on the web page that I could have packed him. Or somewhere else then on Twitter that I dont have or very confusingly on the game. I wish for any compensation at all and if possible for an new TOTS SBC and Onana to be taken away from my team. I've wasted 3HRS trying to reslove this issue and got no where. I will no longer waste any money on EA if this situation is not resolved as it shows the little care they have for this community. Also the person I spoke to on EA help in a chat was Rimi. Thank you!

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Re: Wrong SBC Player Earned

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My PSN is Starwarsfc

My email is [edit: email address removed]

Please use this info to fix the information!

Have a great day!

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