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Re: Onana problem

by Gutnerj

Original Post

Re: Onana problem

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Come on people, @EA_Cade told you that it works as intended so it works to stole a lot of points from you and to make you quick sell the duplicate Standard smile It's business so of course EA is happy when you lose points as it increases chance you buy some FIFA points :D
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Re: Guaranteed SBC pack

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Be happy, there are people using Onana in SBC and receiving Rodri as reward while already having him from weekly objectives so in fact you are still quite lucky, lost less than 100k Standard smile
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Re: Onana problem

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It's a slap in the face the community makes the game what it is no community no game why should we take a slap in the face for a mess up on ea behalf it's not fair it's not business at all its robbery 

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Re: Onana problem

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Is it intended man @EA_Cade u need people to buy games and dont give proper content just a slap in the face if proper actions are not taken by EA then we request no people to support game untill proper content is given return our players back and take the sbc player make the change and do some compensation we are experiencing mistakes of ea sports, can i ask u directly a question will admit a murder done by you when u didn't doo and go for jail think as a example don't take in rude way understand the frustration of people, these players are easily earned via objectives and sbc whats the point to pack them again please do take the necessary actions EA
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Didn't pack the player from guaranteed community player packs

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Hi, my name is Syed and my psn: shahinfarcry.


I have completed the guaranteed community tots and I have packed tots Onana. Who I have got from objective already and I also have chat with few customer service people they are unable to loved my issue and ignored me and didn't gave my packs back. Onana is not part of the squad sbc is for guaranteed community player packs so I packed Onana and still they didn't't try to solve my issue. Ea tweeted and said Rodri, Onana and Sissoko have now been added to Gold and Special as TOTS versions but they are not in the squad so why I packed him. other people who packed him got tradable version and I'm stuck with one untradeable and another one unassigned.  please give my guaranteed community player pack back. if anyone having same issue like player contact ea. 

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Re: Onana problem

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If you read both tweets you sent through, no where does it state that Onana and Rodri will be available in packs or SBCs. It clearly states that they will remain as weekly objectives and Sissoko will be released as an SBC which he was. There is no communication to allow players to know that they can pack these players. Your response is a cop out and a poor excuse for another mistake by EA. Imagine spending time and over 80 thousand coins to have a chance of packing the same player. If anyone knew, they’d clearly have saved their efforts for BPL TOTS. But applause for you trying to explain. 

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Packed Rodri again!!!

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Hi there,


I worked my * off in the weekly challenge division rivals to get all the tots sbc (taylor, rodri and onana).


Then spent David de gea and around 100k on the community SBC just to receive Rodri again. Both untradable and now I have to discard one.

Its like i threw away everything I worked for to the trash.


I bought Fifa 19 for both PC and PS4 this year and there have been many issues with Fifa 19 but this is really a bad user experience, especially conisdering the live chat help keeps copy pasting pre-prepared answers. Please help....please.


All I want is to discard one of the Rodri's and receive a new community tots pack.


Please help.


Thanks in advance


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Packed Weekly Objective Player in Community TOTS Pack

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I have already completed the TOTS weekly objective players. Then I completed the community TOTS SBC and managed to pack Onana. This means that I have 2 untradeable Onana's. I mean, this SBC is roughly 90k. This is incredibly unacceptable from EA. What were they thinking? Having a second way to pack the same untradeable players... Honestly, getting the coins to complete the SBC is such a grind. There needs to be some sort of reimbursement from this error as it is totally unacceptable.

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Re: Packed Rodri again!!!

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Just informing you that I will not be buying any more EAS games. Your support is terrible.

I can handle server issues and bugs, it happens.

But the support and user experience and the fact your chat is just outsourcing to india to give copy paste responses is just spitting in the eyes of your customers.

Thank you for wasting my time.

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Weekly Objective Player from TOTS SBC

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I have just submitted an 84 rated squad, including a TOTS card, just to pack a player that is available already from the Weekly Objectives in Rodri. I personally think this is a robbery on EA's behalf as the only reason this player is available in packs is because of a mistake EA made on the initial launch of TOTS. Therefore, I've just lost 11 high rated players for a player I would've received if I just won one more game on rivals... I have to pay the consequences for EA's error? Pathetic really, needs to be resolved.

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