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Propose option- not available

by teddyningning

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Propose option- not available

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Hi! Please help me out.


I am on level 22. I have three sims, one of which is already proposed to, fortunately finished the wedding event and now married. My question is for my other sim who is already at Level 10 soulmates relationship with an NPC. I want for this sim to get married to but I can't find the propose option anywhere? 


- My sim is on a level 10 soulmate relationship with an NPC (since I've been reading that you can't really propose on a sim with a blue diamond)

- I already have the needed items for a wedding (the arch, the flowers) since I already had a wedding for my first sim. I tried clicking on them with my yet-to-marry sim and can't find the propose option.


Please help me figure this out. Is this a bug? Should I expand my house to possibly fulfill a proportion for # of sims I can move in? Is it because I'm just on level 22 and need higher level to have two of my sims married? Thanks everyone!

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Re: Propose option- not available

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Is the NPC an elder, maybe a townie with a makeover? If the answer is yes, they won't be able to marry as elder NPCs can't marry. 


If the NPC is young and you can't see the proposal option try this:

1. Close the game and restart the phone.

2. Click on the Sim you want to propose to.

3. Scroll down through the options to see if the propose option is at the bottom of the list. (It sometime is but usually isn't)

4. Check all of the romantic Flirty options.

5. If it isn't there check all of the options under Rival.

6. If it isn't there check all of the options under Friendly.

7. If it isn't there check all of the options under romantic Flirty, again. The proposal option should be there. 


NPCs move in automatically to the household after  the wedding. You will need a free Sim slot to promote them and make them playable. 


Sims with a blue plumbob belong to other players. Your Sims can have romantic relationships with them, propose and get married as long  as they are young Sims. If you want  them to move in,  you send a request to the other player who can either accept or deny your request. You will need to have an empty Sim slot for this type of Sim to move in.



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