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Propose event feedback

by ncisGibbs_BOSS

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Propose event feedback

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I had to post today to share my experience. Playing the Propose interaction for the first time today. (I’m sure I just asked the first Sim)

I am eager to get another Sim moved in since I accidentally retired the first move in.

Most NPC Sims are elders btw.

I am astounded by the amount you have to do for Propose. There’s like 15 events and most of them are between 6-7 hours in duration. I played throughout the day as I had no cupcakes and don’t like spending too much.

But in the end I bought 25 cupcakes and 5 have already gone on one 7 hour event with half an hour still left!

I don’t think this is fair. Why many long tasks and need for so many cupcakes? 

4 hours is more than enough for any tasks.

Why am so having to do Do you take this menu? Twice now.

That’s a third 7 hour task with another 5 cupcakes gone if I do this.

Why can’t coffee recharge Sims like in Sims 2? 

It’s a lot just to move in a Sim!

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Re: Propose event feedback

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I agree.  I find many of the tasks too long.  I usually cue up tasks that will take longer than 4hours and start them right before I go to bed so they will be done when I wake up and I don't get as irritated at the super long event.

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Re: Propose event feedback

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Yes I usually let them get on with most tasks. But with a large elder population there’s only four Sims left to move in! I’m getting concerned I won’t be able to move in anyone.

The propose event is timed though, this is the issue. Will they get married if it expires?

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Re: Propose event feedback

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Well I did do the next event I just want to move someone in! 

The next five cupcakes only got my Sim with just under an hour and a half left ticking. If I ate that many cupcakes in one go I wouldn’t want another!

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Re: Propose event feedback

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Well 7 hour marathon at restaurant done. Next what else? Yes it’s another 7 hour event but in the disco. 😲

I just want to get engaged not spend all day doing tasks!😡

I’m letting this disco one run out and see what’s what in the morning.

I’m exhausted!

I just hope if the overall timer runs out on this Propose thing I can just pop the question. 

(Note to self - do not press Propose event again!) 😭😭😭

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Re: Propose event feedback


@ncisGibbs_BOSS If nothing else, the game is trying to teach us patience...NOT! 😱😵

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Re: Propose event feedback

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You don't have to do all the quest events before the time expires. The only benefit to working the quest is the honeymoon suite is available (and free). You will still be able to get married once the quest time runs out regardless of whether you finish the quest.
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Re: Propose event feedback

★★ Apprentice

But I wanted to do them. Doing the events = cool stuff. 😎

All I’m saying is with 15 tasks, about seven of those were 7 hour tasks plus some were repeated, then three 6 hour tasks was a lot just to get married.


Some of the interactions are good like ask three friends for advice, seek marriage advice from 5 Sims etc. Now they were fun.

The long tasks though were very stressful. I think 4 hours is long enough.


I did complete it and my Sim is happily married. 🙂👍😀😎

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