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Progress becomes really slow

by voodoocity

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Progress becomes really slow

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This game really surprised me - it was very well done and got hooked right away!


The issue I am noticing though, is that there is a lack of a way to progress forward when you reach a certain point. I am only in silver league (just got the game), but I cant go passed it anymore.


in clash royale, when you won a game, you got chests. Here, you dont get anything other than the daily bounty. No cards, no gold, nothing. Need to incentivize me and allow me not to get stuck in 1 place because i dont have access to cards or gold.


the game is missing that. The excitement is wearing off because of it

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Re: Progress becomes really slow

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I agree wholeheartedly… I am stuck, getting zero coins zero cards and a little bit of the XP and because I need bigger better toys I can’t seem to move up. At least give us a few coins…but zero???  Give us a reason to maybe play a lot of games save up a little money to train a unit. Been playing all day stuck at 750....Zero incentive to play anymore as I wait for hours for a stupid crate.


 Fun game, But I have nothing to play for now so it’s boring.

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Re: Progress becomes really slow

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That's why they made it this way TOO GET YOUR MONEY...….. 


I am in the same boat but refuse to pay to win...


I hear that some people are spending big $$$$ and still get little back. Only to get to the next level and end up at the same place. 


Nice enough game that is fun but is designed so you would get hooked and then just pay to win to get your units levelled up.


It seems that when you hit a certain level the game is designed that you play up against higher levels like  9 and 10s when your highest is a  7 - 8. So they want you to get frustrated so you need to pay for crates  and diamonds  to get your units higher.


I just delete the game and start again from scratch with a new profile.


Certainly not worth my coin.  


Just my thoughts...



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Re: Progress becomes really slow

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I agree, I'm stuck and when I play a match my rivals have better units that it's impossible to get if you didn't pay. Also, I don't understand why you lose progress when you lose. The correct for me would we stay in the same, not decrease the amount.

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Re: Progress becomes really slow

★★★★★ Guide

With this type of model you're always going to find yourself slamming into a cap wall - you can keep clawing bit by bit, or you can make a small donation and just unlock the door...


Give it a little while longer and see how it goes; I always find it best to do other things and not adhere to a strict schedule

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