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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

by BenAlexander33

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Problems with 1.04 update

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This last update 1.04 totally ruined the game. Now I feel like playing FIFA 17 instead of 18. The gameplay of the Demo was perfect, so was the full game on last updates. And then the full game now with this 1.04 update is unplayable. Again the players are running very fast; sometimes when you shoot the ball, one of your teammates, that is in a bad position, get hit; the defenders tackle with larger precision, and run like attackers; long shots most of the time hit the defenders; and the movements of the players passing the ball is like FIFA 17. The game was good, and now it's ruined. I was playing a lot of matches, now I can't play one (and play without getting angry with this update). Updates should have only bug fixes, not gameplay changes. I hope that 1.05 update fix this horrible gameplay. 

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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Same here, since the last update, the game is screwed up...


Wanted to pass the ball to my midfielder, it gives the ball to my central back.

Got 4 100% chances, all missed target.

Playing squad battles, Ronaldinho shots a bad shot, short post, it goes in for some reason, 0-1 behind.

Really hope EA is going to fix this, and return things like the gameplay was in the demo, this is just crappy gameplay.

Know a good player (maestrooj) who was top100 in fifa 17, now he is happy to get elite 2 thanks to * gameplay.


They also may patch the referee's in the game, if in a black or red shirt, the opponent is in blue, the ref is red. 
Or if I'm yellow/green, the ref is also in yellow.


Wondering what kind of persons are working on the patches to improve the gameplay.


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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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The gameplay was OK in the beginning!

I could win 1-0 or 2-0 on legendary SB and sometimes loose 1 or 2 games of the 4.

I am not a really good player but with some hard work i manage to reach Elite 2 in the end.

At least i had the feeling it was my own mistake when i lost matches.


Than the first change came!

And one day i play 4 SB matches and win all the next day on the same difficulty and i loose all 4 games.

This happend more than ones and i did not had any Idea what i did different.

The same tactics, team, playstyle and formation.

I understand we play against other teams and there is some luck involved.

But I Guess all fut players get to know the teams and the players after a week or so.

They all know when and how to shoot with a certain player and have a 90% chance that shot goes in.

Same with defending you know what chances of the AI can go in and what kind have a 90% to miss the target.

For me this changed and every match is a sort of a gamble.

I can shoot 1 time for 30 meter and play horrible and the AI shoots 30 times from the most perfect positions and i win 1-0.

Or i play the best game ever but all is being saved by the keeper, the post and defenders jumping in front of a shot.

Powershots are slower than normal, passes get intercepted all the time.

When that happens in a match you already know that what ever you will do the AI will score and your players start doing all kind of stupid things uittil that goal.

After the goal 9 out 10 times i get a big chance to score than i did not had the whole match.

That same shot that you missed 10 out of 10 in the beginning just goes in at the first chance.


Now after the last patch it feels like they made it harder to score but they did not changed it for the AI.

I turned back to world class and now i loose all matches even at that level.

Like i said i am not a good player but i like to think the it is about the opponent when i loose.

An example If you play at professional a certain shot always goes in.

I mean a shot where you are alone on the keeper so no defenders involved.

The same shot missis the target, goes slow, hits the post ect. on legendary.

That means the same player can not shoot the same shot at a higher difficulty.

In my opinion difficulty should mean the opponent gets more difficult but if you manage to create a free shot chance the shot should be the same.

If Ronaldo has 4 big chances and misses all when it is 0-0 it is kind of strange when the same Ronaldo scores 3 times in 10 min in the same match when it is 3-0 for me.

Why he can not be stopped in the last 10 min when i am 3-0 in front but i can get him of the ball when it is 0-0


At this moment for me it is to much of a gamble so i still have days that i win almost all matches with no problems but not because i play well.

I think i even win more matches when i play bad than i play good.

I can win more easy when i let the AI score in the beginning normally they suddenly stop pressing start giving me the ball with bad passes until i score 1 or 2 goals.

If i just keep trying to beat the AI it happens allot the score a late goal 70+ minute and i do not have enough time to score.

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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And to top it all, EA support doesn't respond emails, and even here in the Community section. I created lots of cases regarding about this, and on Chat Support, and they all said to write here in the Community. I don't know what's worse: Fifa 18 or EA support. I hope that other company starts producing soccer games. Konami can't reach EA because of licenses, their strategy now is to make sure no other company get their "exclusive" licenses, and focus on Online modes like Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs, so people spend more money buying coins and other things. To tell the truth, I don't care about online, and I want them to make changes on Edit Mode (every year it's the same), new innovations on Career Mode, and stop changing the gameplay from good to horrible. Anyway, bottomline, they don't care about you having fun, it's only your money, I miss the old days that games were produced without anything to spend more money in it, and no updates, this was an additional care on every aspect of the game, because they had to work very hard to make sure the percentage of bugs were almost 0. But now, they get FIFA 17, make some changes and say that this is FIFA 18, and if there is a problem "Relax, we'll fix this on next update", but what they really do "Let's change the gameplay, so we can have more guys raging on YouTube, and more people using our forums to complain about it", and this is EA.

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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I enjoyed fifa 18 for about a month, now after the latest update, the gameplay changes dramatically to the worse and I hate it. It is sluggish and unresponsive. For example it is impossible to make the teammate run, no matter how many times I smash the LB button. (I play in squad battle and off-line season)

I have bought FIFA since 14, but 18 will be my last. Why they have to ruin something decent?

I wish it could be rolled back to previous version.

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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This update is totally ridiculuous, Very Horrible. Everything now looks like FIFA 17: passing the ball; players running and controlling the ball like *; finishings inside the area going out of range; defenders tackling and intercepting with larger precision, and pressing Very hard when you're receiving a pass. With this defenders now, skill moves are totally uneffective. I am still thinking what these stupids have in their minds to ruin a game by changing the whole gameplay. They said that they only made some changes on passing, but the whole gameplay was changed, and It was changed to FIFA 17, the worst FIFA ever made. Congratulations EA Sports, this year is going to be the last FIFA I buy from you, and I really hope that other company besides Konami starts making soccer games, so you can start working properly, and hear your clients, but it's going to be late, I will gladly see your sellings falling down year by year.
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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

[ Edited ]
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I experimented with the slider in tactics. I found that setting everything to 100 (except for team width which I haven't tested) greatly increase play responsiveness. And it didn't seem to have any negative impact as in player stamina, foul frequency etc. Give it a try and you might like it. I typically play at Pro level only using 4-5-1 format. My team rating usually is the same or slightly lower then squad battle squad. My FUT is made of typically the cheap gold players from the same league.

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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I echo the main part with the update being horrific,

But just so people dont get confused, you may not know but EA give 0 care about Pro Clubs,


It is UT or nothing,


We are 2 months into the game and we can't even search for a Friendly match, so all external Pro Clubs sites are null and void (Which are the main part of the Pro Clubs community)
Patch notes may say they fixed it.
They didnt.


We have a 500+ point thread in the bug area, and all we have been told is to stop spamming the thread with "Dont kill Pro Clubs"

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Re: Problems with 1.04 update

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Thank you for the information, I just mentioned Online Modes because it's the main focus of EA, more people playing UT, more money incoming. But I didn't know this part because I can count on my fingers how many times I played online. I don't care about online modes, but I respect who likes it anyway. But the main point is that EA modified not only the passing accuracy and other things that were on 1.04 update list, but the whole gameplay, that I am totally feeling playing FIFA 17 (and I hated so much this game). When the game 18 was announced, most of people were saying that it was just going to be like 17 with few changes. At first, when I played the Demo, I fell a big difference from 17 to 18, passing, finishing, and movements of the players were good, and then with this last update, I gave up playing, I refuse to play FIFA 17 (18). Still hoping that next update fix this whole mess. And someone that works on EA explain here this changes.
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