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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

by abydos

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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man no harvester until 2 mins at double speed, that is a pretty active early game. Wish I had snipers, they seem to solve a lot of problems.


Some of the maps that unlock at higher medals are pretty tilting. I just played and this map has incredibly awkward tiberium placement. Pretty much guarantees harvester kills on both sides.


Having a hard time on gdi vs nod, especially if nod early game flame troop+lasers. Talons+rhinos die to lasers, anything infantry dies to flames.

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Seems like the thread is gaining momentum. Thanks for a great idea!


Pinning this for more visibility.

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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@JadeXyan do you have any advice for this matchup? I feel like I did a poor job in the early game in pressuring (especially since this is a wide open map with harvesters in vulnerable spots) and was only saved by my opponent deciding not to swing off the first missile win, giving me 2nd harvester for free and tech options.


@EA_Alexander thanks for the pin!

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Okay, watching through, writing comments as I go so sorry if this feels a bit disjointed.

You could have won the first missile if you had moved your harvester onto the bottom left platform while you were waiting for a counter to arrive, always important to remember that harvesters hold platforms better than most anything else in the game in a pinch.

You should have gone after the other harvester with your attack trikes, forced them to devote resources there; throwing them away definitely was not great. Also given the narrow chokes on this map and the fact they were making infantry you probably should have gone for a rifleman or flame trooper over the second trike, one moving between the two harvesters is going to force them to commit to both spots anyway giving you a slight tempo lead.

There is a point near the end where you lose a flame tank unnecessarily, had you targeted the obelisk instead of their flame tank you'd have been fine. (though it was hardly relevant at this point)

On a side note if you're going to run flame troopers get them above level 3 :P 1 level differences don't matter that much but 3 level differences sure do, I'm fairly willing to bet they could have spammed riflemen prior to you getting flame tanks and come out ahead.

One other thing, you seem hesitant to move units off of the platforms once they are there, if the missile isn't near firing and that unit can go and counter something somewhere (like the one laser trooper you suicided your trikes into for instance) go do that, holding the platforms at 10% missile charge isn't going to help you win the game very often when you aren't in the lead.

Otherwise, mostly just small mistakes here and there, nothing too major, a lot of it is just getting the micro down, remembering all of your options, and leveling up your flame troopers :P
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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Well done!

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Instead of flame troopers I get Dr. Liang cards Frown


I really should consider harvesters for captures more often, its the old starcraft mentality of protect the resources at all costs i'm still stuck in. I forget the things have 4k health.



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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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join an alliance, trade cards with people, it helps a lot
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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Moctobot Vs abydos

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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Now that you mention it the alliance ui is really awkward. It only suggests 1/30 100 medal alliances, and the leaderboards are all full, so I've been free agenting it.

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Re: Post entertaining replays here!

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This was a the game that got me sector 7 for GDI. If you don't run Talons maybe this might change your mind.

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