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Please fix madden

by Livinglegend901

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Please fix madden

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Hi my name is Lawrence I have been playing your madden game since madden 95 and I have to say these past few madden has been horrible I hate the franchise mode your best franchise mode was 2004 to be honest the long shot story mode was an epic failure the game play is horrible when I play online either you can't run the ball or no matter what defense you run against certain teams you can't stop the pass teams like the saints pats rams etc it's ridiculous and I don't like how it a madden championship because you are good at mut that is stupid anyone can buy cards to make the best team it actually takes a good player that  can take the worst team on Madden and beat everyone and yall took that away I say take a page from 2K and learn from them there story mode is awesome franchise mode is good look I believe I'm not the only one who feels like this I just want to enjoy the game again yall took all the fun out of it 

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Re: Please fix madden

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If you're playing regular NFL H2H teams (not MUT) you're going to have a tough time running on certain defenses if they are stiff against the run. For example, in 2018 the Chicago Bears allowed 80 yards per game via ESPN stats. Getting yardage on the ground is going to be tough. There's a whole lot of factors that go into whether a run play will be successful. It depends on what defense the other player selects, your run play, individual lineup vs DT matchups, if they decide to commit to the run, and many more. Are you choosing a team like Seattle or Baltimore who are great running the ball?

What type of run plays are you picking and have you watched live-streams of the Championship Series to see what type of run plays high level competitors are choosing? It's a great way to pick up some tips on what is working for them so you can try to insert that into your own gameplans.


Running is a lot different than what it was in previous Madden titles. It will take a little more time to adjust to the sensitivity of the sticks and cuts your runner will make because of real world physics. Personally what works best for me is to avoid sprinting to the line right away. See where there is an opening and then pull the trigger to burst into the hole and then make your cut or special move.

Hope that helps. If anyone comes across this and has any tips on running we would love to hear it. 


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