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Please fix announcers

by shaughnmalca134

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Please fix announcers

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Announcers are god awful. Most of the time they are wrong and it’s super annoying listening to them. If the computer throws a screen pass and drops it that will say “ and it’s incomplete on the deep ball” when I score a touchdown on the drive and kick it off they say “ and they offense punted it away let’s see how the defense can do” when I score one a 1st down play it would say. “ they made the 4th down run”.  Or if I score a touchdown and kick it off and The computer has the ball they say “ niwbthey are in good field position following the interception” yet I didn’t throw an interception. Whenever I have 26 touchdowns and score anouthee they will say “ and this is his 28th touchdown. The season before I had 30 touchdowns and they said. And he is 1 touchdown away from the all time record of 31 touchdowns” yet when you go to records the most scored is 28. I never had a problem with the announcers in 18 but now I have a ton of problems  with them. On punts and kickoffs if the ball is on the ground the guy I try using to pick it up with just dives all around the ball but never picks it up. There is a ton of glitches in this game compared to madden 18. You’d think there would be a improvement and less glitches or announcer mistakes in madden 19 but there isn’t. When I try starting my LOLB he never plays. It always starts my back up the only way I can get him in to play is if I put him in at the SUBLB position. Please fix these mistakes. I hope for a big update to come up with a ton of these fixes along with other people’s complaint. A suggestion to add would be my player kinda like 2k18-2k19s my career. I’d like to see something where you can choose to be a specific player and have a small city thing where you can work out, have a penthouse, have an agent, go practice at facilities and more. Longshot is fun yet it follows a story line. I’d like a free play kinda set up like I mentioned. I don’t expect it to be added this year but maybe add something like that to madden 20 or madden 21 or something 

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