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Please bring balance back to the meta and give dolphins a reason to spend again

by ericjbrennan

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Please bring balance back to the meta and give dolphins a reason to spend again

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I heard from somewhere that you guys don't believe there are dolphins in this game, only those who spend excessively (whales) and those who do not spend at all (f2p). I can say for a fact that there are at least 10 dolphins in my guild alone. We spend here and there, usually on crystals, but lately there has been less of a reason for me to spend seeing as how everything is getting much more expensive. The change from 8 to 5 hard node attempts made the 25 crystal refresh not worth it to me. When we had 8 attempts I could refresh once and get 16 attempts for 25 crystals. To me, that's worth it. However now with 5 attempts I would need to spend 75 crystals to get 15 attempts. Not worth it to me. Instead of spending a little to speed up the farms, I've decided to spread out my farms and be very patient. Meaning not spending money anymore. I feel as though this change has had the same ripple effect across most other dolphins. I know you guys are in a little bit of a decrease in sales, and although the intention of this may have been to increase sales, it seems to me this is definitely something decreasing sales, not helping. Something else would be the squad arena meta. I read all the responses to the squad arena questions in the Q&A and how you're focusing more on TW and GA, but that doesn't change the relevance of squad arena. Getting darth malak is so difficult it would cost thousands if I wanted to farm and gear up all the required characters. And the fact that he is so dominant in squad arena without a real viable counter is really pushing me away from spending. I feel like I'm not getting my moneys worth anymore. Any plans on addressing this wall you guys put up? Or plans on making our money go a little further? You're pushing away mid tier spenders to cater to your whales. I understand the value of the whales but not so much the idea of you pushing away anyone else who may spend some money. I really don't want to see this game shut down, so please please find a way to address this issue and find ways to give the dolphin-spenders a better reason to spend. The Malak palp-nerf felt like you sent squad arena to the grave along with the excellent idea of a rock-paper-scissors type of meta. Hopefully the newer legendaries will help bring balance to this and not redefine the meta once again with unbeatable teams. I'm seriously getting tired of mirror matches and "mod-battles" and so is a large part of the community, including the whales! I hope you can see where I'm coming from and have ideas on how to change this soon before you lose a large part of the community. For the longest time this is literally the ONLY game I play. I'm not a PC gamer, nor do I even own a single game console. I hope you can see how some of the newer decisions being made around legendaries and how to generate more income may be hurting more than it's helping.


EDIT: Another thing: I really appreciated when you put out the April calendar so far in advance. It gave me the chance to plan and prepare for the next month and I'm telling you I spent more money on the game that month than any other month. Having more time to prepare will give users more reason to spend! 

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