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Re: Please add 1 additional time change to each account.

by DarkHelmetZeta

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Please add 1 additional time change to each account.

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Giving us the ability to change arena payouts to a time of our choosing was a great addition and I am sure most folks took advantage of it. The problem is to keep that time slot the folks in areas that adjust clocks twice a year dont have enough change charges remaining to make the two yearly adjustments needed. For example I picked a time slot shortly after the feature was implemented, I now intend to adjust after the US adjusts it clocks on 3/10/19 and this will use up all my charges. I wont be able to adjust again when clocks change again in the fall and have to until a year from now to get in sync with clock adjustments. Giving everyone a one-time additional change charge would solve this problem.

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Re: Please add 1 additional time change to each account.

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I just had an issue where I went to change my payout time from 12AM EST to 11PM EST due to the daylight savings and magically it was changed to 10AM EST which is a terrible time for me since I'm at work and can't play. I'm begging them for an additional time change. They've already told me no but there must be something that can be done with these kinds of issues. We already have to change it twice a year so I agree with your request as well.


I was very happy when we were given the option to change it, and so was my family, but now I'm in an even worse payout time and can't change it.

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