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Please, BAN all the hackers!

by ItsKatlyn99

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Please, BAN all the hackers!

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My suggestion this time is much more serious and I really think must be taken into consideration.

Many suggestions have been made but probably the most important has been completely omitted.


Please, add an anti-hacking system because it is really annoying to see people ending events after half an hour that events goes live thanks for the free SimCash that they can generate.

All these people deserve a big BAN 

I'm totally upset.


That's my suggestion.

Is not respectful for those who play honestly and devote time, like me, and like many others.

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Re: Please, BAN all the hackers!

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Hey! @ItsKatlyn99 


We can not really make something on this forum, please use this link if you see any cheater:


The aswer HQ is not here for the cheater hunt, because we are only member of community and not EA team member (except the community manager but hunt the cheaters is not their job).


You can only repport them via the link of previous post.


You do not have much else here Standard smile.


If we have answer to your question please accept solution Standard smile.

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Re: Please, BAN all the hackers!

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Hey @ItsKatlyn99,


I agree with you. For now it's best to report these players. You can read about that over here:

Please create a case by choosing the following information: 


  1. Select the game or service = Choose Origin
  2. What platform are you playing on = PC/Mac
  3. Select Topic = Report Concerns or Harassment
  4. Select Issue = Report Website
  5. Please select the button "Select contact option" to load the next page which will automatically generate an email
  6. Enter a Subject title and under 'Please describe your issue' call out the game it is actually for, add any context or attachments you feel will help the team make a decision with the investigation and include a link to the site online. 

Once you submit that, the team investigating can take it from there.

- Source: @EA_Lanna 



do not work for EA




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