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Player Career Issues

by Manicpoet

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Player Career Issues

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I like to play Player Career mode, but I find it difficult to truly enjoy the experience. My main issue is with the sensitivity of the positioning marker and the 'out of position' notification in the top right corner. I don't know why it tells me that I'm out of position and down rates my score so easily, even if I'm only just out of position by a few inches. Can this be made less strict?


I also have problems when I'm meant to be in one position, but the game suddenly indicates I should be somewhere completely different. The game 'tells me off' for being out of position, leaving me confused and frustrated.


I am sure I am not the only one who finds the constant 'nagging' in the top right corner to be oppressive. I want to have fun and just play the game. Let me chill out and stop telling me I'm out of position, I made a bad pass, poor cross etc.


I know I am in the minority, not as many people play the Player Career mode, but please listen to our complaints. We love the game, but we could love it much more.

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