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Re: People using glitches

by BLVD69

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People using glitches

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I've got 500 hours 300 million earned 700 side bets complete 98% of the game all done legit. I've had fun doing it until recently. New players are using glitches that work such as speed card duplication and money gliches. In multiplayer im seeing the lowest of cars out performing what most of us would call the best cars for each category. I still have not been able to get the performance cards for all cars in every category, so how are they doing this instantly with no effort? I've been playing with the figures such as speed and acceleration and doesn't make any sense on how a car thats does quarter mile in 7.9 top speed of 240+  gets left off the line say by a car that does a quarter mile time of 8.1 top speed of 220+??? Makes no sense at all. I've spent more time and money on getting these speeds cards to get nothing. Same cards over and over to the point of mental exhaustion.

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Re: People using glitches

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I agree the game is a mess and it doesn't help with game cheaters and glitches!

This has been a huge complaint within these forums and from other online gamers I have spoken with!a

Many have just to walk away from the game and play other racing games that have a fair player policy!

I don't understand why EA sits on their hands when cheaters ruin the fun for the public community in the game!

Then again, EA is all about Greed and truly has lost touch with the consumer base.

The exception to that would be when EA needs to sell the next game and then they act all friendly at the game show and sell us a 10 min gameplay.

Have a good day. 

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