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Party Rewards

by HatsuneLotus

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Party Rewards

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When you arrive at a party, there are two empty progress bars - your own progress bar next to your sim and the party group's progress bar at the top. The interactions you make by clicking on the purple balloons, hobby icons and career icons contribute to both. The higher the party level, the better the rewards




progress bar (2).jpeg


Filling your progress bar to three stars will reward you some simoleons and a possibility of a party cake (used for party energy). However if you don't fully fill your progress bar, you will still get simoleons at the end as long as you have at least one star. 


One star    x 5 Simoleons


Two stars    x 20 Simoleons


Three stars    x 40 Simoleons(immediately rewarded during the party)





party progress.jpeg


The group progress bar is filled by you and other players. To get better rewards you need to help other party goers by doing party interactions.


These rewards are received after the party's over (12 hours):


LEVEL 2    x 10 Simoleons


LEVEL 3    x 20 Simoleons


LEVEL 4    x 35 Simoleons


LEVEL 5    x 50 Simoleons


LEVEL 6    x 50 Simoleons x 1 Fashion Gem


LEVEL 7    x 65 Simoleons x 1 Fashion Gem


LEVEL 8    x 65 Simoleons x 2 Fashion Gem


LEVEL 9    x 85 Simoleons x 2 Fashion Gem


LEVEL 10    x 85 Simoleons x 4 Fashion Gem


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