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Party Photos & Chatter

by VintageStarlette

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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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New dance floor uses 4 sims to dance.



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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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Just an fyi to people debating whether they should get the rocket; you could woohoo in it.



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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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@terogamusaudiHaz I was just at @rmw8855 party, and I saw this Sim named "Rex!" Haz, I'm dying to know! HOW did you accomplish this????



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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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Omg wow it’s been so long, never thought I’d be getting a notification from here again haha yeah there’s this ongoing glitch which can cause this. And I’m lucky I get to adopt Rex from someone who knows how to make one. God, it’s great seeing your name again @VintageStarletteHeart

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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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@terogamusaudiHazI'm jazzed you popped back to AHQ to reply, Haz! 🖤 Rex is the starlettes' boo. They're all anxious to share their closet with him—do you think that would mess up the glitch?

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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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@kimberlyaz1992 I'm so sorry I missed your party weeks ago. Have you thrown another yet? Any plans for one soon?

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