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Party Photos & Chatter

by VintageStarlette

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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★★★ Guide
A few more getting to know you moments. I have so many bubble blower expressions to go!
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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Here come the bubble blowers.

First, they check it out.. the slowly get into it.
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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But some look at it and say, nope, nope, nope...

I’ll go for “high” tea instead!
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★ Expert
@mamabearboys HAAAHAHAHA!!! These are fantastic! Sims have WAY better parties than we do IRL! 😅😂🤣😆

@PaQuilter1 Yes, Jake has always been a gentleman where our stars are concerned. At least in public! 😆🤣😂
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★★★ Guide
Some BLUE OUT party pics combined with SimFanatic’s studio party pics from today! I learned collages but not adding words, so here goes a flurry of posts again. On a roll today apparently!

First one: funny interaction pleading for a turn at the bubble blower (top) and all the girls admiring SimFa’s gorgeous luxury entry doors (bottom).

Second one: two wide shots of SimFa’s party in full swing.
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★★★ Guide
This is the story of Fitz trying to hit on RayJayrnia. She is much much too young for him but Granny said she wasn’t really bothered by age because she thinks he is rich. This despite his refusal to listen to Eleven when she told him his ASOS checkered pants didn’t go with his tux top.

Despite her gold digging, she thinks he is as boring as a snail. So he really tries to go blow bubbles with his older friends and get his mind off of RJ.

Then he can’t help himself and talks to her again. She is so thankful when someone comes by and gives her an emergency excuse to get away! He eventually moves on. Poor Fitz, but he knows he couldn’t party with her anymore anyway after his upcoming retirement when his stubborn red headed self will turn grey.
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

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Eleven was supposed to be hosting her BLUE OUT but she got smitten with this handsome fella named Hank.

So Liv took over and entertained with Luke and had a ball. Luke was clearly a hit with the entire Kobyo household but was definitely friend zoned!
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★★★ Guide
Some budding romances? Or at least new friendships?

Some serious girl talk?

Some fighting over a seat at the bubble blower in which two Sims possess each other until the bubbles manage to perform an exorcism and they separate again!
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Re: Party Photos & Chatter

★★★★ Pro

@mamabearboys Lol! You got some really good pics!! It's so fun to see what others capture!

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