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Re: PackLuck

by irodfraga1

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Hello pack luck is awful...i dont know why...ea has to inscrease our luck

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Re: PackLuck

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True, EA should make an algorithm so it's fair fo everyone, there's people that packed 5 icons while there's people that didn't packed a single one, it's a game, it should be fair.
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Re: PackLuck

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I know, it's annoying, just opened 2 rare megapacks and in both, best card was 82 rated trash player... But there will be nothing done, EA needs to make money so only some streamers have higher chances to pack awesome cards. We have to live with that and not buy any FIFA points as it is useless way of spending money Standard smile
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Re: PackLuck

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I always pack a GK on every pack I opened always a GK is there, is so annoying... and true, my best in packs is always a 80-82 rated... after 15 weeks I think the best has been Lloris... again a GK ... 

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Re: PackLuck

Community Manager

Just to say, there is no such thing as pack luck. The contents of packs are random and you have just as much chance of getting an item as anyone else. It is not possible to change this and things such as pack luck or pack weight do not exist.



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