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by Jetthammer

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Hi Team,


I am a big fan of SWGOH, I want to play the game for as long as I live however I need to know something.

One day I assume the product may run its course and the money will stop coming in to EA, I want to know that after the servers are shut down will SWGOH still be accessible to play?


Even if you are unable to offer new content, Grand Arena etc will you still be able to play vs the AI only and still try to complete your rosters and various side missions etc?


Or will EA just close the game down?.. I am unsure of how this stuff works and what has happened in the past with others games where people have invested their money and then the game gets deleted completely.


Look forward to your comments


Jett Hammer

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Hi @Jetthammer 


I wouldn't be able to say for sure. If you're interested in previous EA titles though, I'd suggest checking out this page:


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Thanks Lanna, I do appreciate the response and that link was most helpful.

Would be good to know if SWGOH ever falls under 1% what EA would do.

I believe that should the hard decision ever have to be made that you can keep the game alive in off-line version to allow players who are not in it for glory to complete their rosters and finally get to complete the game.


But lets hope the game lives on forever anyway.



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