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by trickydicky1973

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can someone please help me me and my brother play fifa 20 we are both Liverpool and decent players for 20 years but the ai is totally different mine plays a more competitive against the computer they closing me down and the defence is hard to beat I don't score many goals on a constistant basis  due to the goalkeeper and defence really good in this game but when my brother plays the aI fails and is pathetic they don't tackle or mark anybody they miss open goals from a couple of yards out bring him down for pens players getting sent off  hes 5-0 after 20 minutes and goes on to beat the computer 10 or 11 nil with his second go on fifa and doing it game after game  we both play near the same formation and tactics please ea please please please patch this game make the defending really good to me the same problems are there from fifa 16 17 18 19 and 20 and don't say hes the better player its nothing to do from that I think its aI why is it so different than my aI if you cant help please give me some tips.

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