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Outfit save

by FreaKKush7

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Outfit save

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Hy there I'm FreaKKush,

So let's get started,
I tried to figure out some things about Battlefield V,

First of all;
There is an opportunity to change your appearance anytime before the match starts or after death.
So it would be awesome for example: As the maps are changing, it's not yet possible that your appearance change automatically to the map's environment so you have to change always your camo. on the map if you don't want to be quite visible.

(It can be healthier to adjust in game 'Outfit Save' function then it will be much easier to set back your previously used appearance without spending too much time with it.)
If there could be 3 or 4 slot to save your 'Outfit' that's gonna be awesome.

Thank you that you did read this, Happy Easter to all of you out there on the Battlefield,

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Re: Outfit save

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I think saving clothes is a good idea.
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Re: Outfit save

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One of my favourite shooters, Metal Gear Online ( 2 ), had the ability to save 3, maybe 5 outfits for use on different maps and I remember it working out really well - players even had mint chip camo and white tshirts for snow maps and we still had better visibility than in BFV...


People have been very vocal about this suggestion on Twitter and I can guarantee the devs know this is a popular idea. Things are already pretty buggy when it comes to outfits, the amory, and fidelity on the battlefield so I'm not sure we'll ever get to see this idea come to life - gotta just settle on having a great all-round pattern for general use

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Re: Outfit save

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Yeah sure, since I play games I recognized everything but really everything has been changed over the years about gaming. I have many ideas but usually the motor of the Battlefield later on could not handle these kind of array data what we tryin' to put inside of this game which might cause more bugs or lags. Old classics was somehow the best ones! 

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