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Online play, lag, glitch, and pass blocking


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Online play, lag, glitch, and pass blocking

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I’ve played this Series, since it’s first inception. I have to say without a doubt, this is probably becoming the worst in the series. Now people may say it’s me playing, need to learn how to play better, what not.  However, I need to understand a few things. 

 First, in the first 30 games I’ve played I don’t understand how I can lose games when the opposition gets 20 shots and scored 10 goals, majority of the time 50% of their shots are going in. Is it they’re taking great quality shots, or is there a pattern of what goals that I don’t understand anymore. 

Secondly, the goaltending is an absolute joke, they don’t move they give up position and two on ones, they don’t do anything, they are pretty much forest gump in net. 


Third, the block passing is ridiculous. And one game I swear to God I only had one completed pass in a crowd, the opposition players can knock down passes from anywhere, I don’t know if the AI, I don’t know if it’s just people button mashing the block button. It just seems like an in proportionate number of blocks happen.


Fourth, the glitch goals. Once again it’s the same old crap, dragon in front of the net make a move top corner never fails and this is continued on since I can remember.


Finally, the ill-fated lagging. I can play one game am I guys are buzzing around, everything is freaking fast everything is perfect, you can stop on a dime you can start again fast is great. The next game is like you’re sitting in quicksand, you got  cement  in the skates. You couldn’t get going if you wanted to, the player gets the puck  and stands there like a buffoon  and you pretty much have to push your button through the remote to get them to start skating. And then it’s just like they don’t know where to move. While the other team seems like they’re on steroids, they’re skating faster doing circles around you and you’re just looking at them. It’s not my online company because the ping is extremely low, and I have the high speed Internet you can get. 


Also, if people online have poor Internet connections, They should be booted from the games. I start a game with the connections are green, but during the game The it turns red, and I can’t do anything but they can skate around me like I’m stopped. If you have a Porten single you should be booted. Because once the game starts, you can’t quit the game where you get the loss. So, EA If people are playing a game the one who is lagging the game single should be booted out of the game and received a loss. Because I’m sick of playing people with terrible singles. If you red it beginning I will not play, Even if your yellow I am very cautious to start a game.  So I think we should not allow red and singles to be in a game for a prolonged period of time without Booting them


 In short, I am not very impressed with this game. You say cheer you gonna come out with a revolutionary ai.  The AI On defense is absolutely horrible, even in the face off in the defense of zone, and the other a defenseman is trying to take the puck from you and you’re trying to get me on the net,  and both of You are stuck behind the net trying to battle for the puck against your own player. 


 Again maybe people may not agree, but I’m not very impressed with this game and I think you could do a lot better. The goaltending is horrible, and people should be penalized for button mashing the blocked button, because there’s no way you can block every single pass I guess I’ll cross the ice. The activation of your players when you try to take over the other one, it’s absolutely ridiculous Do you activate a player that you think is going to next to the park, but the one across the ice activates. I play the game just a second ago, I saw the puck was going , I knew it was going to go to the player coming up the boards, I tried to activate the defense but by the time I activate them the offense of player Had already skated by me. This morning I played two games and lost by total score of 19 to 2 with only 47 shots on net in those two games. This previous game, the final score was 11 to 2 with 36 shots by the opposing team and me with 22 shots.  We both average the exact same ice time,  in the game before that, I think he had 25 shots and beat me 9-1!!!! It just seems that one 50% of the shots go in, it’s not a gaming issue it’s a programming issue. 


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Re: Online play, lag, glitch, and pass blocking

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Im familiar with these. But also frustrated that couple games go well, players shoot where they should: one timers, wrist shots etc. But suddenly everything changes, players miss their shots, defence men play like *, goalie can not catch anything. In our country this game costs like 60 euros, thats too much for this kind of (s)hit, every year old game with new covers. This is not simulation game, this is all about using glitches and bugs. 

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Re: Online play, lag, glitch, and pass blocking

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And ofcourse ea giving some * boost to players, the games when you shoot 30 times with 1 goal, and opponent is scoring 5 times with 10 shots. 

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Re: Online play, lag, glitch, and pass blocking

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As is tradition, the newest iteration of NHL is pretty much the greatest thing to happen to the franchise ever... and then the first balance patch hits (except, confusingly, there hasn't yet been a first patch????). Once people have time to discover the new meta (and earn certain trait unlocks) it's pretty much all over for those who want to play hockey instead of a hockey game, if that makes sense.

It was explained a while ago in the main forums that goalies are weaker to make the game more fun and to reward skilled positioning; a lot of people outright blame the 'influencers' because they whined and moaned about not being able to score (across all modes).

The hugest factor when pass blocking is your defensive awareness stat - I don't understand why a puck will just phase through my body or I somehow forget to use my stick when the puck is in front of me but I guess it makes sense a D man is slightly better than a sniper at this (to a very fine degree). I just wish we could position the L1 block way better (IE instantly choose if you want to point up or down without having to manually backskate) and even use our arms to bat the puck away so we don't just deflect it into our own net. 80% of the time blocked shots don't even count towards the total in your stat screen so meh.

The only thing I can recommend in regards to teams scoring on 50+% of their shots is to just buckle down and have at least 1 human defender on your team. I would much rather play RW bu have been forced to play RD to stop others from fully exploiting the AI; of course, the moment I go even 1/4 of the way towards center ice the LD zooms into my zone leaving the whole left side exposed (seriously, EA, you NEED to fix this).

Before it used to just be horrible lag all around but in 20 there seems to be a unique random ping spike (for me at least) that usually lasts for around 10 seconds where there is input lag galore. Obviously this only really happens when i'm down by a goal or the other team has the puck ( I won't call this ice tilt but man oh man is it ever annoyingly coincidental).

I know it's hard dude but try not to let it get to you. Just accept how the meta is and just learn to exploit it like everyone else.

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