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Oh dear oh dear.. player sprinting - again

by sonofocelot2

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Oh dear oh dear.. player sprinting - again

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Not sure if there's honestly any point leaving feedback for this, as I left over a thousand words feedback pre FIFA 18 on a frame rate issue, that the staff told me they were unaware of when I raised it with them for the 6th time, 18 months later, but here goes:


Offline, career mode etc, players still not sprinting anywhere near 100% of the time it's pressed. It's a pure gamble. I mentioned this 2 years ago and last year, here and through twitter, but in all honesty it doesn't even surprise me anymore that you've spent another year doing very little work to fix basics. 


This isn't an issue of their acceleration or anything by the way, this is just a bug or the banned "s" word.

Slow the sliders slightly and have the CPU play a ball in behind you, try and sprint to catch up with them. Particularly if you select a defender from further away and try and sprint across to help cover, the game will take a random amount of time, often several players, for the jog animation to turn into a sprint. It's not always a set time for each player either, just usually when they get close enough to the CPU for a "dramatic moment" or whatever you want to dress up running as. It's the same the other way round too, you can get in behind and CPU players with full stamina are there barely jogging, no issues with a player just running through on their goal.

Whether this is just because of slightly altered sliders, the game mode, whatever, I'm not sure, but the fact is it's totally inconsistent. All these players are capable of sprinting, but it often takes seconds, and usually only clicks when they're far enough from an opposition player on the ball to just about get it, or just about miss it 

Criticisms like this are usually censored on these forums, but it pains me that several people raise basic issues like this for years on end, and you don't even do the bare minimum, it's way less than that, towards even acknowledging the feedback, let alone fixing it.


I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but the fact is you have a wealth of users providing feedback on basic, PS1 level errors, and you don't communicate, and make no effort to fix anything. 


I'm sure this issue is fine in UT, I don't play it but I'm sure the cash cow works just fine, but I'm baffled by how such a basic function of sprinting on command is still so temperamental offline. Tell me, do you actually ever acknowledge feedback from users like this or do you actually just make a new UT card design then sit around picking your arse for 364 days? 


You seem to get mighty offended and whip out the ban hammer every time people criticise such basically inability to do your job, but the truth is that if any one of us did our jobs this badly, we'd have been sacked years ago.


Sure, it looks pretty, there's some new features this year, great, gold star, but the fact you have feedback on basic game mechanics like this and it stays for years is mind-blowing to me. There are kids on day 1 of their computing BTEC who seem more organised.


Try it for yourself and fix this nonsense. Or just delete the thread, wouldn't surprise me.


You guys know what you are though. I don't even need to use insults, you know deep down what you are.


Eitheryou get this feedback and don't fix it, or you don't get the feedback at all despite having systems in place. I'm not sure which one is worse, but either way, none of you are good at basic game development and you all need a new job, and fast

Hate is a strong word, but I really, really don't like you guys. At all. 

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