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Not fun :( can I turtle?

by Bruser2727

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Not fun :( can I turtle?

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I'm just not really having fun. I used to like and turtle and I can't really do that with the nuke mechanic. 😢

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Re: Not fun :( can I turtle?

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Best defensive is a strong offensive! You can still turtle if you want, just do it around the missile hold points. This isn't a tower defense game, this game is meant to be played aggressively.

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Re: Not fun :( can I turtle?

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I usually play Tiberian Sun even in 2018 I still playing Tiberian Sun online multiplayer a lot and i was literally just thinking about this the other day. A lot of people in C&C games like to troll other players by bunkering in their base and hoping their opponent fails to be able to kill them making the match last for hours usually on unlimited money maps. i was laughing to myself thinking about those turtle trolls trying to do that on cnc rivals when they have to fight for the nuke. Funny. I'm sorry but turtlers are trolls. Even I turtle some times just to * off other players when they fail to kill me. I am so glad you can't turtle.

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Re: Not fun :( can I turtle?

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Yeah, I guess I miss classic C&C campaign mode.

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Re: Not fun :( can I turtle?

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I understand this dude. Turtling is a part of most classic C&C games. See, the devs wanted a game that played at lightning speed. It's a very fast-paced game with very quick matches. So turtling had to be out of the picture for that to happen.
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