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Re: Not averaging 33%

by GladOS-013

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Not averaging 33%

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I noticed that I average @24% on drops and also found out recently that almost all other players in my guild have @40 gear 12 characters and I’m only around 15! Please fix my drop rate issues with character shards and gear. I’ve been on this game since the beginning and play every single day multiple times and participate in all raids, events (guild and personal). There is something very wrong with this

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Re: Not averaging 33%


Drop rates for character shards and gear pieces are not published, but the community has spent years tracking overall drop rates. It looks like character and ship shards from hard nodes have an approximately 30% drop rate. Gear has different drop rates, but I believe the "top" gear (the farthest on the left) usually has a 20% drop rate, and it goes up the farther right you go on a node. (Meaning the purple/gold gear has 20%, the one next to it might have a 30%, etc).

Remember that with any percentage-based probability, there are no guarantees. You can get 0/8 for a week in a row, and you would just be on the low end of the statistical curve. Over time, given enough samples, you are statistically likely to be very close to the expected drop rate, but some players will end up below it and some above it.

In terms of the number of G12 characters that you have, it is impossible to tell why you are so far behind your guildmates. If you played since the beginning, that means you've played for almost 3.5 years.

Things that influence your account development:
1) Crystal income (either through spending, or arena payouts)
2) Farming refreshes (energy refreshes primarily, but node refreshes for focusing on a single toon/ship).
3) Gear farming and application - if you have most of your roster at g9-10, then you've used a bunch of gear like Stun Cuffs and Carbanti that would help you push other characters up to g12. Upgrading a character from g11-g12 is more expensive than any other tier. Also, if you are using energy to farm gear, then you aren't farming character shards, which could impact your number of 7-star characters. Personally, I never use energy for gear - I get all my gear through raids, events, challenges, and the various stores. Character and ship shards are a more valuable use of energy.
4) Raid effectiveness - Participating in all raids but scoring low will get you lower rewards over time, compared to guild mates who consistently score at the top. This can create a huge cumulative discrepancy in your gear, due to your not being as competitive as your guildmates.

Without looking at your account specifically, all I can do is offer generic suggestions, but those guidelines have helped me grow over time and now I have one of the best rosters in my guild.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Not averaging 33%

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I have this same problem.  You're not an employee, how are you replying to bug reports?

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Re: Not averaging 33%

@SomebodyBIG AnswersHQ is setup so community members can help each other out. I answer a bunch of questions because I have years of experience at the game, and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable.

The team on the Planet Coruscant has tracked hundreds of thousands of farming attempts. Given any probability-based system, individual players will see a variety of results, and that data can be collated into a probability curve. The higher the number of samples that are collected, the higher confidence we have on the conclusion of an average drop rate.

Shards seen to be 33%.
Gear is 20%.
Relic pieces vary - 120%, 90%, and 67% for the three different materials.

Any variation seen in that has never been corroborated over any statistical sample size. EA has not (and likely will not) confirmed the drop rates, but the community effort has given us a fairly high confidence.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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