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Re: [Open] No new quests

by KoddJaMann

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Re: [Open] No new quests

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And here I just thought that we were finished with quests because I’m on level 26. If they’re always supposed to be quests there, then I have this issue too...along with about 11 other issues. Sigh.

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Re: [Open] No new quests

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I have the same problem! I'm level 23 and haven't had any quests for at least a week (I think I finished the last one about the time the hot tub event thing, where you collected rubber ducks). I play on an Android phone.

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Re: [Open] No new quests

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same like me. I stop get new quest after finished the bathub quest. it always blank now. I was thought because quest is over because I am already level 26, but then I realise this is bug Frown
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Re: [Open] No new quests

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Ooh same here. I've been contacting the game advisors through email to see if it's a bug or if it's because I've completed all current available quests. They don't know certain as well and asked me to contact the game devs.
And here I was just about to assume that it was because I've completed all the available quests. So it really is a bug?
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Re: [Open] No new quests

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It’s so frustrating as completing quests is the only way to get decent sim cash wads. I’m trying to save them to create a new sim (175) and it’s taking forever. It must be a bug as it’s happened to everyone after the hot tub duck game.

BTW did anyone win the hot tub? I just kept winning the same items (swimming clothes) again and again.
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Re: [Open] No new quests

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I won a hot tub. I think it was one of the first things I got from the event. I never used sim cash either, only accumulated ducky bucks.
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Sims Mobile: I have no quests left

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I am at level 21 in the Sims Mobile, and for a few days now I haven't had any quests left.
I was wondering why?
I have already tried clearing the cache etc. as I was suggested.
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Re: [Open] No new quests

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I gotta assume that we've ran out of quests. :/

Just too bad we can't earn free SimCash fast.

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Re: [Open] No new quests

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I wonder why they think that the forum will answer the question for them? Have they even looked for themselves or is it just a standard reply? I'm really disappointed Frown
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Re: [Open] No new quests

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I am having the same problem (in the US) I also haven’t been able to give stickers in 2 days...

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