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Nos blur and cough, frustrating tricks

by SpirosFX

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Nos blur and cough, frustrating tricks

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Those vfx geniuses, decided to moke us a bit, by adding blur while using nitrous and keep it there for 5secs after use, even when motion blur is disabled, so we say no to blur and u still try to force it a bit.....and also, what new style is this coughing thing upon use and release of it?


Sounds like the engine has flu or something every time i decide to use nos and right after stop using it. What kind of people work on sounds and graphics these days i wonder !! Are they trying to..... "innovate" with stupidities?


Shaking cameras that have nothing to do with realism, frustrating sounds like the one used for the exhaust flames, which sounds like jittering, similar to plug unplug speaker cable (see plymouth barracuda) , foolish effects like those flashing in our face 4-5 times after every race and passing by cameras or that blue-red thing filling the screen while nearly busted..... where did they learn all those annoying "tricks"? Experiments with your customers and their eyes-nerves health?!!

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Re: Nos blur and cough, frustrating tricks

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I agree man, the car sounds are way off par!

A souped up lawn mower sounds better then these cars in this game...LOL 

Have a great day! 

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Re: Nos blur and cough, frustrating tricks

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@BLVD69 I keep updating my other topic about car sounds and i'll soon bump it. have a good day too friend Standard smile

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Re: Nos blur and cough, frustrating tricks

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Take care, my friend!

Good having you here in the forums! 


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