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No variants. Possesion game its awfull

by eltintinreloaded

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No variants. Possesion game its awfull

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First, i want to ask someone from EA why the huge difference between demo and final game. It feels like a bad joke.  Does anyone else feels the same?
I mean, i bought the game because of the demo, and i get this poor final product, that looks more like a FIFA 18 1.01, even ask to be refunded but oh well, even when is not my fault, that no seems to be an option...

Now, possession game. Its impossible, or trully unworthy to be played.
There are no variants further than high pressure or wait back. but the attack its all about running and crossing.
I dont know if you try to make the final game more speedy to favor skills and reactions, but it ends in almost unbreakable defenses. For example, those cdm sprinting from one side to the other, closing everywhere and NEVER SLOWING DOWN, its sick.
Then, a feature that i loved from the demo, was the inverted run for full backs, thay could make a lot of damage with their so up/barely-open position and those diagonal runs to the area.
But in the actual game is just horrible to watch. Dont care if you put it to join the attack, the attack positioning stat, the team attack wiidth, how many people to saturate the area or the wing position/instructions. They just get nowhere between the attack and the defense, or in a place where even the opposite side defender full back can reach him before getting a good spot. And the sprints are just lame, they get anywhere near the area, and also if you use the button to make it sprint, he goes just straight forward... c'on.
So its all about sending him to cross, with the high risk of a counter attack if the other player  left his wing up there, or (and more likely with the odds) playing an all 4 "stay back" defense.
Just poor.

Another point is the ball control/high pressure balance. Its okay that if the other user plays high pressure, your players get a little imprecise with the ball. But the problem is that the other user can pressure all game long without suffering from it, or your players get a huge lost instead, there is no balance.

Positioning/passing/vision. Doesnt make any difference if your players have one 99 positioning, and the other 99 passing and vision, the player without the ball hides ALMOST ALWAYS behind defenders. Players like Silva are not worthy to been used... unlike the demo. 

So well, this is it. The gap between counter attack/possesion game its huge. And is not just me, top streamers/players highly recommend playing counters.
But c'on, some of us bought this game because we tought another way to play it was possible, lets make a conversation and change this game for good.

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Re: No variants. Possesion game its awfull

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