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Broader Playing Field

by Orionvonyx

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Re: No Player Wipes!

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Let's start
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Broader Playing Field

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Hi, out of curiosity is there a chance we can get a larger battle field? Different game modes as well would be a nice touch, Capture the Flag and Hard Point Domination would be extremely fun on this type of gaming platform. I've been a die hard C&C fan since Red Alert and would like to see some of those game aspects carried on to mobile, such as K9 units, Commandos, build barriers to protect the base from direct attacks from enemy units.



Sincerely, Orionvonyx 

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Re: No Player Wipes!

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  1. PLEASE HELP EA!!! (Search. "Account Recovery!)

Hello there EA team! I recently purchased a brand new phone. So i redownloaded the Alpha for C&C Rivals in the hopes of picking up where i left off. However i was prompted to create a new member ID/username, so I did, but i used the same exact name that i had on my first phone. "Manslauder", hoping the system would be like "Oh, this must be that guy" So now you have two "Manslauder" usernames floating in your servers. One is level 8 or 9 and is the leader of "LEGION" alliance with "CoNmander" as an officer and the other is level 1 with... Nearly nothing. Is there anyway that i will be able to get it back so i dont have to start over from scratch! Alliance/Friends/Medals/Diamonds/etc. Pleaaasssseee!!! Oh please!!!

Oh, and thank you! I love the game and i am ecstatic to be a part of the alpha testing group.
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Re: No Player Wipes!

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 I am thankful they are not going through the wipe. If everybody else wants to get wiped, do me a favor and don't wipe my account hahahaha..... Ohhhh that would be fantastic..... Nice that the tanks can shoot on the move also... I was actually in tanks with the military. Good times. Also .... The app is fun and all.... But god, could you imagine a console launch of this game with all the newer developments in online play options ? To play on a console and actually join an alliance where war is set for dominination 24 hours a day 7 days a week ? Good god ! 

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Re: No Player Wipes!

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I was looking forward to player wipes

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