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Re: Need new players to revitalise my guild

by GladOS-013

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Need new players to revitalise my guild

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Hey so I used to play years ago but lost access to my account so my guild effectively died because I didn't promote any officers so if any level 50 players want to do some raid it a new guild then feel free to join if the cringy name doesn't bother you


My guild is called MandalorianWarLords

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Re: Need new players to revitalise my guild

@Darthjoeybuns Hi, thanks for the great recruitment post! I don't think this particular board gets a lot of the traffic you're looking for, so I have a couple of suggestions for you:
1) Make a similar post on the main SWGOH forums. There's a whole section for recruitment:
2) Advertise in the Guild Recruitment Discord Server (GRDS) -
3) Set your guild to "Open" so other players can instantly join you in-game.
4) Depending on how many active members are in your guild, it may be better for you to find a new guild home, rather than trying to bring in a bunch of new players.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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