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Need longer pre-game time limit for Online Friendlies and remember settings


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Need longer pre-game time limit for Online Friendlies and remember settings

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When you play Online Friendlies you have to manually sub in all the players you want, change the formation, setup decisions on strikers or defenders... etc.   And now with FIFA19 requiring different setups for different formations (balanced / attack / defense) etc.  You now have to setup formations "PER" attack formation, and defense, and balanced, and sub in guys, etc, etc... All in a 60 second time period.


Then if you want to play your buddy again, online friendlies, you have to redo everything you setup because it only sticks for 1 game. 


This seems like a oversight... There shouldn't be a time limit to start a game when its a online friendly.  You can only play people you are friends with so why are you going to hold them hostage in a waiting room for 1 hour?  Is there really a need for a 60 second timer pre game?  and is there no way possible to "preload" your game plan????  seems like when you play Co-Op Seasons it remembers your gameplan.    If i want to sub out a goalie for another goalie every game, it remembers in Co-Op but no Online Friendlies.

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