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Need for speed payback missed rx7

by Xx_angrypuma_xX

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Re: Need for speed payback missed rx7

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@Juanchies10 you mean if you get the rx7 as an abandoned car ? no it does nothing to your current cars or anything else, its just as you would buy a car nothing else.

the only difference is in how you get them and that they are rusty if you get them so you have to change parts first, other than that its like every other car.

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Re: Need for speed payback missed rx7

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That's why I've stopped to buy games backed by greedy EA long time ago.

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Re: Need for speed payback missed rx7

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Now your post is fantastic and getting XP man!

I feel the same way lately about the rushed out EA games!

I have been dropping thousands of dollars on EA for over 20 plus years!

I have come to the end of the road for now until Ea & ghost studios grow up and treat the fan base with respect and not just an easy meal ticket!

Greed is a good reason to play other games that EA doesn't make!

The in house Casino cards and using real cash for upgrades has to one thing that many in the community have grown tired of too!

So I hope as a community we can just keep voting with our real money and make a statement to EA we won't be treated like this anymore!

If I do decide to buy the next game, I will be waiting at least six months first!

Read the reviews and problems with the next game!

If it's still a mess, I'll just not buy the game! 

Have a good day. High five

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