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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

by BLVD69

Original Post

NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★ Novice

This game is so rigged, that is by far the worst NFS of all time. Seriously you’re always racing superheroes and rubber banding is so toxic that I miss Rivals.

How you could mess this up after NFS2015? You can’t adjust your car, the map is terrible and those “missions”?

Even the simple time attack races are bad. I could desenvolve this ideas, but I’ll just say that this game is bad. Really bad. 

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★★ Guide


Yeah, the community feels like you do about the poor gameplay and options!

Hey, more news now about the new game and I'm not even thrilled

Since the new game looks to be another rushed mass produced time waster!

Check official post.

Have a great day!

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★ Novice
Oh, so Need for Speed “Paycheck” is getting a sequel? Yeah, Weir sure is up with no good with that evil corporation.. How’s the name? Huh, Eletronic Arts? Oh, it’s Arkwright.
Jokes aside, thank you for your support. I feel just like you. When the trailer comes out I’m gonna vocalize all my angst.
But thank you!
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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★★ Guide


I yourself to EA when they release the trailer for the next game.

EA3 show will be in Early June 2019. 

So keep your eyes focused online. 

Have a good weekend. 😁👍

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Newbie

OMG this game .... i played like 100h and what can i say about this game, when u finish main qwest thats it there is nothing to do in the game... misions are stupid, i found that if u spam drift races u can earn money and that is it, not worth to play other modes cuz its time uneficiant ... play against other players ? theres no point. u cant even chat with them u can just add damn emos... omg EA rly? and the cops are the most stupid AI that i have  seen in my entire life... they spown from nowhere and they drive like there is no tomorow, they ram like damn idiots 300km/h straight to the wall :D that is stupid they dont use brakes :D i dont know .... its kinda sad no more EA games for me thnx Standard smile and the open world :D its open world but actualy its not! I found a lot of places that i can not go even if there is no obsticle in my way Standard smile invisible walls and *.... sad EA .... thats it for me like i sad no more EA games for me dont waist my money anymore Standard smileGG

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

Totally agree

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★★ Guide


What a beautiful picture of words you expressed in your personal experience with the Game. 

I was having alot of fun reading your very descriptive enaligies. 

Payback was truly created to fail on day one.

Let me say more.

Payback never really became the game EA promised from the EA3 show back in 2017.

This game has left so many long time supporters disenfranchised with the EA and Ghost Studios. 

I highly recommend the community to seriously consider waiting at least six months before purchasing the next hot plate mess EA throws on our table to eat. 🤮

Again I wish EA would stop this nonsense of lunacy promotion every time they create a new NFS title.

The community deserve a top quality product, not some half wit game.

EA seems to enjoy the dysfunctional NFS games they over advertise as some kind of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Thank you for your fantastic post and hope you keep posting more awesome things.

Have a great day.😁👍

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★ Novice

 I personally thing payback has been one of the best they have done.

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★ Apprentice

Ghost game is really talented devs. EA just need to give them as much time as necessary and not to interfere with the development, then we get the NSF which deserve.

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Re: NFS Payback is everything but fun

★★★★★ Guide


I'm glad you are having fun with Payback game.

As it being the best NFS game I would disagree with you.

Reason being is Micro Transactions and the story is a poor version of the Hollywood movie Fast & Furious.

I prefer the Hollywood movie version over what Ghost Studios created in Payback.

I will also say light effects are  not accurate and the shade effects are off balance.

Cars are not even close to sounding like their real life counterparts!

Ghost Studios has been cutting out the little details on a limited budget for the last ten years.

Have a wonderful day.👍😁

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