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by thealcani

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chembuggy blows up the enemie base while cyber wheels are a 0 threat and i am rly surprised that it went untouched. its one of these units that deside games. cyberwheels are in a total different spot. but its fine i keep abuseing it and keep being pissed about trash devs if it gets abused against me by some good players.
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Do chem buggies work against zone troopers or cyborgs? I was hoping to use it to counter those tech units. Also chem buggies/chem troopers rock. If you soak something with tiberium gas and launch a catalyst missile, a chain reaction occurs. I once saw a replay from @xMaksuss, he soaked a base in tiberium gas and launched a catalyst missile. Sure was very funny and a quick way to end a match, just launch a nuke after that.

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no they dont work against lab units but they are fast enough to distract them and if u put the correct combo into your lineup it doesnt matters
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The fact they didn't get touched should tell you all you need to know about their power level Standard smile
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If your deck isn't balanced, you'll lose to the chem buggy every time. I used to have only infantry and tech units. Whenever a chem buggy came out, I would lose because I couldn't build my tech units since I didn't have anything to defend my harvesters.


Now that I have middle tiered units, I don't lose all the time. You need air power or a war factory. Once you have those, a chem buggy is useless. 


For example. You start out with infantry. Out comes the chem buggy and it starts tearing your infantry apart. You come out with a pitbull or orca and now the chem buggy is useless. 


It's all about balance. You need 3 factories to win more often. If you only have two, you'll lose whenever  your opponent comes out with a unit that you can't counter.


The same goes if you only have infantry and air or war factory. Once tech units come out, you are toast. The same goes with only having air or war factory and tech units. If you only use air or war factory to get to tech units, infantry will destroy your air or war factory.


Gotta have all three. 

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specialized decks lose to other specialized decks. Generalists beat specialized, tech beats generalized, aggro beats tech, and on and on. Tis healthy to have multiple ways to play.
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Chem buggy helpless vs grenadiers and my nod vehicle deck runs out of counter and got àšs kicked.

Oxanana lasers wheels bikes CHEMBUGGY scorpion stealth

any suggestions?

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I'd drop chem buggy for flames. This gives you 2 strong unit types to counter with so they don't just spam anti-vehicle troops at you and beat you with numbers.
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These new guys definitely change something. If my opponent only has misslemen and jjt I can move shot and dodge 2v1 and not fall behind but these new grenadiers shut down mobility way too easy basically anything hit by their grenades can't escape. Their emp is even stronger than the tech cyborgs'.

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i dont know guys i guess u are doing it all wrong but fine :P
keep playing your high tech stuff.
and yes emp is great but worthless in most games i play because not fast, no air counter. not enough ppl play vehicles at master/tib
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