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by thealcani

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except you CAN 2v1 a chem buggy? Even 1v1 with grens and mutants? Seriously, do you even try with your replies, or do you just copy paste other posts?
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★★ Guide

well mutants are not even out yet
it does say today the 16th but i have no icon in my army for them
as for grens im betting that those dont really work either i use rockets



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No, you instead sling insults, make fun of other cultures, and spew incorrect information. Like I said, 2 rockets win vs buggy. Grens beat buggy on defence with 2 members left. And wouldn't you know it, so does mutant marauders.

So unless you have nothing better to do than spew insults and try to mislead other players then I suggest you spend your time +1'ing your other account while pretending you aren't so sad and having to do it yourself so you can feel validated.
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@PunisherTRD wrote:
well thats easy
when you cant 2v1 a unit thats not tech
then it needs to be hit with the nerf bat its that simple
clouds last way too long and shooting and moving
yep OP

Alright, so nerf half of the specialized units I guess?

And on top of that, if you actually use micro then 2vs1 do always win, it's up to the better player.


Good chembug user can 1vs2 laser squads.

Good laser user can 2vs1 a chembug.

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well ya anything that can move an shoot except the tanks they already got hit
and i cant use micros on a phone like the game was intended to played on not a tablet or even worse a PC
now if the game didnt respond poorly on wifi then ya i might be using a tablet buuut till thats fixed.....
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I've been using chem buggies for a while and they are fast becoming unusable. The main reason I put them in my deck is because my unit levels are low and I need to win the first missile vs shocks/flames and that can often be a spam game I will always lose since there's no defender advantage vs a unit two levels or more above yours. But the chem buggy has so many great counters, any air, vehicle or tech unit destroys them. They also need a lot of micro to be even slightly worthwhile. If you use a buggy and the opponent rolls out even one tech infantry unit you've pretty much lost the game. 


But, they are fun and I often try and bait someone into building three or so shocks before rolling out the buggy to get the first missile. It's a one trick pony though I am just waiting for cards and credits to level up stealth tanks and I'll have a much more competitive deck. If you think its op then use it and show a screenshot of your never ending win streak in the higher leagues.

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★★ Guide

@xrmiao4 wrote:

this must be the OP chem buggy

Jesus that was ugly! Lol

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