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by thealcani

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or buff the ability of GDI to counter infanterie efficiant.

i dont get why are u not getting it.

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A pitbull seems like a  pretty good counter against a Chem Buggy 🤔

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Isn't this like the 3rd topic you make about this?

2 rocket squads kill a chem buggy lol

If anything buff it.
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Not sure what your problem is. Chembuggy is strong only against infantry and does almost no damage to vehicles and can't even attack air. And it still can't fight off tough infantry like zone troopers. In addition to that, 3 tankshots aaaaand it's gone.


The chembuggy needs BUFFS, not nerfs.


But you are kinda right about the "better infantry counter for GDI" part. They DO have good anti-infantry infantry, but their anti-infantry air and anti-infantry vehicles (excluding techlab) is kinda weak. Talons, rhinos and APCs get the job done, but it takes them a while. And in the meantime they can be focused down by tanks/anti-air. Personally I am fine with the infantry counters for GDI, but I guess you need a new vehicle for GDI that is very effective against infantry, but costs a bit more (with effective I mean it takes squads down faster. Rhinos and talons take them down, but it takes forever... have you ever watched a rhino fight a chemtrooper? Takes like 20 sec ).

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New GDI grenadiers will beat the Chem buggy, but at significant loss to themselves, and will be the same cost as Chem buggies. So I guess your dream unit is just around the corner.
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@BattaIia  You missunderstood a bit (or me I'm not really sure about that xD), he either wanted the chembuggy to be nerved directly, OR a better anti-infantry unit for GDI (my thoughts about that see above). Not a unit that counters the chembuggy, we have enough of them already (poor chembuggy...).

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I reposition my 2 rocket troopers and it’s enough to threat a chem buggy away

2v1 will win and 40 trades 60

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Szenario: u are facing 2 lasertroops and a chembuggy. u dont have a chembuggy your self and only the usual factory/hangar/barracks units (lets say no bomber because its so rare in a lineup) how do u fight it off?
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Yea, GDI is getting a new unit xmaksuss. Employment grenadiers. 60 TIB anti vehicle infantry. Common rarity as well.
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@BattaIia  I know about the new unit. But thealcani requested either a chembuggy nerf or a new anit-INFANTRY unit for GDI (if I understood his request correctly) to compensate the chembuggy because, in his opnion, not mine, GDI needs an effective unit against infantry. My opinion about this: see above.


@thealcani If you are facing a chembuggy and lasersquads as GDI at the same time, here are your options:




- Use anti-vehicle vehicles/air to focus the chembuggy down, but stay away from the lasersquads. Use anti-infantry infantry to focus the lasersquads down, but stay away from the chembuggy. Using a tank is very effective since it can 3-shot the buggy and can chase it. Using Jacksons boost will help you to do so. If he focuses your infantry, move it away. If you move your tank into the lasersquads for a short time its not that bad since it takes them a long time to take a tank down. Pitbulls/Mohawk/Orca are very effective too. Try to come at an angle so that he can not attack your vehicle/air units with the lasersquad.


- If you brought snipers, use them against the lasersquads and move a vehicle/airunit infront of your snipers. The snipers take out the lasersquads, the other unit takes out the chembuggy. And since the chembuggy is not effective against air/vehicles, you will win this duel.


- Placing strongarms turret infront of the lasersquad will either shut them down or force a retreat. Either way, your anti-vehicle units can move in to destroy the buggy.


- This may sound stupid to you, but you can just send 2 missesquads! They cost less and CAN destroy the chembuggy. If they do, you actually saved 20 tib since the chembuggy costs 20 more than 2 misslequads.


- If everything fails for whatever reason, 2 words: Ion cannon. If all units die, he lost 100, you lost 150. Not that bad of a trade.


- Send a mammoth tank, always works X)





- In this situation you can very often use airunits to position them above lakes/cliffs to focus the chembuggy down. If he flees, move the airunit away and strike with the anti-infantry. Best are shockwaves for that. But militants will do the job just fine. When you send vehicles/air after the lasersquads, attack with 2 at the same time. And very important part: ATTACK THE SAME SQUAD! If the squad dies, he has less dps, so taking down the second squad becomes easier.


- If you place strongarms turret, he has to move away. Now you can go in with your anti-vehicle unit. You can walk through your turret, use this advantage!


- Talons are quite good against lasersquads, even at similar level. I recommend sending 2 at the same time. A good strategy is moving a vehicle into the chockepoint to fight the buggy, tank the lasersquads, and then use a talon to attack the lasersquad. Or, as mentioned above, shockwaves or militants. If you send infantry, make sure that the way is save!


- risky strategy: move wardogs into the chokepoint and put a machinegunsquad behind it. He can't attack it and the machinegunsquad takes out ALL units. Wardogs die? Send another one! Just don't let the chembuggy come closer! Reaction time is key here. OR spamming the move command into the chockepoint XD


- You can simply use brute force: Just move a unit in there that is good against one of the units. If they flee, follow them and move in with counters to the other unit. Just be carefull when sending infantry, the clouds still do damage!


- 2 words again: Ion cannon!




This one works in both situations: ignore them. Attack his base, his harvester, capture other platforms. Having 3 units in the same space for a long time is bad. Punish him for it!



I hope this kinda helped? Best advice I can give you: practice. Try out what works and what doesn't.

Btw, @thealcani , may I know your rank? It may help me to understand your problems. Thanks in advance.

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