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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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EA is olny a team of people couting money. They give a sh.. about US players. This is another piece of cr.. with NFS logo to make money. No multi free roam with friends in world of multiplayer games is brilliant idea... Rly. Just pay, play and wait for another EA CR.P 2/10 for nice graphic in single player. Yea Standard smile olny single have nice graphics, when u go to multi it looks like ps2 Most Wanted.
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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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Please Add free roam cops Standard smile

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I'm loving the game but I'm really disappointed that there is no freeroam in multiplayer. I would to road trip in multiplayer and hanging out with other players! Please add it in a patch, There are so much people in my situation!
I really really hope that Ea will listen its players
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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i went to buy this game for the free-roaming, race with friends other you see roaming so i played the story mode just to unlock everything then i try to check out the multiplayer just to see how it feel and finding out no free roaming! This Bad! i cant get a refund cause i pass the 24 deadline if you play it. if they will not put free-roaming back on this game, this will be the last NFS game for me

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Je suis d'accord avec l'auteur du post
Et plusieurs amis le sont tout autant

Ne pas pouvoir rouler entre potes c'est frustrant et ennuyeux

Le jeu va être déserter rapidement si rien n'est fait ....dommage
Le manque de police en free aussi
Et pour moi la conduite en drift est moins bien que dans l'opus précédent

S'il vous plaît remédier à ceci rapidement

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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★★★★ Guide

Guys its not like the forum moderators are just sitting back eating chips and dip watching this thread only. Go back to the home page and look at all the games on answers HQ. When your questions do not get answered right this second or even after a day or so consider that they are reading it but don't have enough time between them to cater to every last single post here .Do the math that would mean spending every waking second in front of the screen typing responses. These people have family's friends and a life so its only right they take breaks for them self's.


Plus posting angry rants fast off the top of your head doesn't draw attention to your opinion or concerns,  it deflects it. None of us here know what goes on behind the scenes with these forums. Post your concerns calmly and constructively and then let it rest at that. We can all yell till we are blue in the face but EA will do what they want. Even these moderators can bring our concerns back to them but they don't make the final decisions .Think about the last time you asked your boss to change something or give you a raise and how well that went. They can only do so much.

I am not saying some of the points brought up here are wrong as i too feel we need free roam to be open for us car guys to meet up hang out and explore the awesome new map. Let all throw some idea in the big pot and see if we can all meet in the middle.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I agree we all bought the new nfs thinking that it would be an improved 2015 that would have more cars customisation and story to it but it seems they have left out the most important part multiplayer. So if they wish this game not be a flop and actually compete against other games like GT sport, The Crew 2 and others then multiplayer needs to be added and soon.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I just claimed a refund for this game. Sorry but no Free Roam MP for this game means no money for you. "We are listening to our community.. Blahahaa", so you decided to Disconnect the Community! Well Done EA!

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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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Make it quick, or your game might be dead in a few weeks, don’t mean to be rude but like multiplayer free roam? How can someone possibly leave that out. I’ve never been so hyped about NFS for a while but this one hyped me up so much, and then I just see that there’s no free roam? That’s a big let down for me, and bunch of my friends Frown I hope you guys could patch this as soon as possible before losing a lot of people in your community.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Yes i agree i bought this game to have fun with and play online freeroam with friends and we cant even do that. Whats the point of getting this game then when you cant even play and explore with your friends and show off your cars or race around the map... the fact that EA wouldnt put a online freeroam really makes myself and all of my buddys really upset and already fed up with this game and we no longer want to play the need for speed gaming franchise... please respond ASAP. Ive played every need for speed and ever since carbon they have all sucked and this one has completly changed my view and made me want to play again but now because of somebodys stupid choice to not have online freeroam i think we will all just go back to forza horizon 3 and grand theft auto 5.
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