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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Don't bother discussing with CLP anymore, he's trying to get a job at EA.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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@PichonShred No one is trying to get a job at EA. Im sorry you cant carry on a decent conversation on here without dogging on somebody or a video game. All you can do is make false claims. @MonoAl96 I am sorry you are illiterate. I told that the "Guide" level is just that, a level. Again, stop being like Pichon and looking like a fool. You guys are mad over something that was never established. Coming on a forum making threats saying you wont get the game or saying you are going to boycott a game does not help a developer. A forum is for constructive criticism and to voice your concerns not to dog on a developer and threaten them. In case you didn't know, EA has many other games they can make money off of. Saying your not going to buy this game or that you are going to boycott it makes no sense and it wont make a difference. They have Battlefront, Battlefield and the multiple EA sports games they make money off of. 

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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So I was just on live chat with someone from EA and I asked if there was multiplayer free roam, he informed that that there is not. I then asked if it will be added into the game at a later point which he said yes, however he could not give me a time frame as to when the feature would be added. He told me to check on the forums for any information regarding the situation 


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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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i agree i want open world free roam pvp game but whith cars kinda like Need For Speed World was 2010 game the one they shut down not long ago to make this offline money rip off


 "Ghost games; make an official announcement, confirming the existence of Multiplayer Free Roam in NFS Payback, or announcing that it will be in a patch on or very shortly after the release. Anything less than this, me and everyone I've convinced to finally get into NFS, are going to be refunding our copies and never looking back."

 this times 100x  if there is no open world might as well download game from illegal torrent and save 70 bucks experience is exacly the same  as it is now no online mode anyway  reason why people pay for world of wacraft is becouse they need acess to online world if not the game would make 0 money only a idiot gona pay for a offline game to be done in 3 days whith story mode  and waste 70 bucks for 3 days of fun 

make online patch or refund




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Re: Hm...

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might as well just download game then wtf is that lobbie whith friends thats calld lan not a online game

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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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I was so hype for NFS payback, bought the deluxe edition and played the campaign for a couple of hours tried online and no free roam... what?!? I like to cruise around with friends have my own drag races and don't say theres lobby freeroam because thats not acceptable we need free roam like NFS 2015 maybe get rid of always online but don't delete multiplayer freeroam entirely. Ghost we need this in the game as soon as possible before any DLC
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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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You guys are speaking out of my Soul...

I love the game- but the online Freeroam is ESSENTIAL to the game! 

Sadly me and my Friend realized that yesterday... We were so exited to play TOGETHER and show of our cars and how we mod them...what paintjob we dit...doing drive-bys and comparing our nice Sounds... and much more! IT was one of the main reasons why i wanted NFS Payback. I enjoy the Game but that problem is really a dark Shadow that clouds my Impression.


@ EA/Ghost Games: Please give us an Feedback or reply to this Posts. Listen to the Feedback of the Fans of your Game and change that! This is no hard work...Thanks!


@ all you other guys: Like the Post of the Topic Creator so that we raise awareness or make your own Post!! We can do it!!!

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4 Hours before official release and 1 Question.... Is there online freeroam?

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Everyone s ranting and no one knows the answer now EARLY WHERE YOU AT ANSWER THE QUESTION. I wouldnt mind a "we're working on it" BUT NOTHING
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Re: 4 Hours before official release and 1 Question.... Is there online freeroam?

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No support her at all from EA at the moment and if you call free roam Lobby cause that's what it is you free roam with max 8 players till lobby ready and that's it

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Re: 4 Hours before official release and 1 Question.... Is there online freeroam?

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Just hoping they say something like. We're working on it
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