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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Re: Hm...

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U trying to get a job on EA bro? Always comenting extra positive things
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Re: Hm...

No, I gave my constructive criticism. You think developers listen to empty threats? Saying you're going to boycott a game does not make a developer add or take away things. How about giving constructive criticism a shot instead of threatening a boycott.
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Re: Mulitplayer with friends ? freeroom

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That is NOT freeroam! And blackpantha knows nothing anyway!!
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What a clever employee who decided to remove the ONLINE freeroom????????

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What a clever employee who decided to remove the freeroom, why should I play this game with a huge world without freeroom?

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I'd like to inform you that removing online free roam is detrimental to the game's life span, if you don't come out and officially address this problem many fans will leave the game, and for those who already bought it they'll eventually leave and play your competitor's games where they manage to provide what's missing in Payback.


You claim to listen to fans (doesn't seem like it considering how customization in NFS actually regressed overtime, just look at UG2 onward, and you'll see how customization kept devolving yet you still stand by the "authentic & real" body parts and such, when you know for a fact that we just want variety in everything instead of the opposite. Again look at UG2, you might learn a thing or two) but that's besides the main point I'm trying to address. We've been rightfully complaining about Payback's lack of online free roam mode for a fair while now, and the fact that this issue came up before the game is even officially released will undoubtedly affect the game's sales, and no matter how high your numbers go up. just know that those numbers won't be as high as they could potentially be thanks to the brilliant decision of excluding what is known to be a staple in the open world racing game genre by now.


Also what the hell is up with no cops in free roam, what's the point of having a cop system in the first place? Want tips on how to fix them? Easy! Take a look at 2005's NFS Most Wanted and you should learn something... New? I guess? It truly is sad that I'm referencing two NFS games that are well over 13 years old to improve the latest NFS game. NFS has definitely evolved in certain aspects, but in return severely regressed in others. Do yourselves a favor and hire some loyal NFS fans who are interested in a Game Design career to help you fix your games the right way.


You've taken a year off without a NFS game to eventually deliver a complete game, not a game which gives fans the right to complain about it before it's even officially released, and rightfully so on the fans' side. You need to address this issue to the public regarding whether you intend to include an online free roam mode or not (because clearly you deliberately kept that piece of info away from fans during your big marketing campaign); before the official release date, because that's what makes sense from a business perspective AND as an answer to loyal fans who don't deserve such a slap to the face. SAVE your GAME. DON'T LET IT DIE.


Sincerely yours

A fan who grew up playing this franchise.

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No Free roaming cops

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and no 4k support or hdr why??? and also no free roaming cops why dont we have cops???? we need cops

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Free roam multiplayer was why my and my friend got the game in the first place.

Huge map like that? We were planning to road trip to see it all while racing.

We had about thirty seconds before it just dumped us into a race we had no choice in, without much more warning than a loading screen.

Not like it's hard to just... y'know, NOT rip you off the map like that.


But there does not seem to be any option for this.

I'm really hoping it's because they're fixing last minute bugs in it, else there's no way it's worth that price tag..

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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CLP "guide" crying in every mp free-roam topic is just hilarious.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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"Guide" is a level idiot. No ones crying. Its pretty obvious you can't read huh? I'm not the one complaining about no multiplayer free roam here. All of that other stuff was resolved weeks ago. Im sorry you can't go on a thread and post something relevant.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Thing is if there is no mp free-roam added you will be a "guide" on a dead forum. L0L

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