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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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GHOST , You guys are really bugging right now, don't nobody give a * about no got dam Tyler Morgan WE JUST WANT TO CRUISE ONLINE!!!!!!
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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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I also 100% that their needs to be online free roam In Need For Speed Payback this is MUST
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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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Add online free roam to Need For Speed Payback
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Mulitplayer with friends ? freeroom

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Is there going to be in Need for Speed Payback Multiplayer Freeroom or can we only Play in a Lobby with friends?

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Re: Mulitplayer with friends ? freeroom

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There will be a multiplayer freeroam, it is just not made clear

check out blackpanthaa's video where he explains it.

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Re: Mulitplayer with friends ? freeroom

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more explained here. it is not the ideal mutliplayer freeroam but it is something

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Re: Mulitplayer with friends ? freeroom

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You people need to stop labeling that as the 'multiplayer free roam', because it isn't.  There is literally no way of hanging out with anyone other than a couple people in your friends list, no way to do meets, nothing. People need to stop accepting that kind of *.   Everyone needs to make it known to Ghost that literally everyone wants, and more to the point; was promised, a multiplayer free roam just like in NFS 2015.

No one in their right mind wanted or asked for that to be removed from the game. In fact, most people bought Payback FOR that reason.  The refund train has already left the station, and people are getting their money back, baffled by what a STUPID decision it was to remove a core gameplay feature that everyone enjoyed. I am waiting and giving Ghost a chance to make a public announcement regarding this issue, and if they don't, me and everyone else I convinced to get the game, are also going to be refunding this and never looking back.

Whoever at Ghost games suggested removing multiplayer free roam was a good idea, and the person who approved that,  should be fired, because they quite literally ruined any hype or excitement for this game, and people are leaving in droves. Many people, myself included were finally excited for an NFS game after a long time, but after learning this, we won't hesitate to get our money back and make sure others don't make the mistake of buying it, unless it's addressed and explained that it is in the game, or that they will patch it in Day 1. Anything less than that, and they can pretty much chalk this game down as dead on arrival.

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Re: Hm...

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That is a loading screen and nothing more. It is not a proper multiplayer free roam, and should stop being claimed as one.  You cannot host car meets, you cannot run into and meet new people, and if the host starts the race at any moment, you get thrown into a race whether you wanted to or not, as you may have been cruising around with others.

Payback is built on the same game engine as NFS 2015,  removing multiplayer free roam took more effort than it would've if it was kept in the game. So there is NO excuse for it not being in the game, and the fact that the speedlist loading screen puts players into the world together for a brief moment, means there is NO reason it can't be the same drop in-drop out multiplayer free roam like in NFS 2015.

All that, is if you ignore the fact that it was a promised feature, that was only very recently removed from their official post, most likely after the majority of preorders had already come in.

Everyone should refund and boycott Payback  UNLESS Ghost games addresses and fixes this. It's not difficult to patch back in, and they know it. Let's see if they listen to community feedback, like they claim.

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Re: Hm...

Stop trying to boycott Payback.
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No online free mode

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Why is there no free mode multiplayer I spent £80 on the game so I can play online with my mates and we can't
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