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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Re: ATTENTION Ghost Games

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Dont worry bro they will give free roam in patch . Dont switch game. N u true about speedlist inaccurste skill match.
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Coop Free roam payback

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I've been a loyal nfs fan for years, this last release has put my loyalty on the rocks. Payback is missing a core feature that is present in your last title nfs 2015 and most of all 2017+ racing games. I brought this game cause I loved the nfs franchise and wanted to coop free roam with me team boost our cars up together than switch up and play some competitive racing casual and ranked. Why did you all decide to leave a core feature out, multiplayer free roam your company is way to experienced to make a devastating mistake like this.

Right now we sit in a party and play single player separately while we hook up our cars this has lead to boredom and has effected replay value. We usually play alone now and my team plus me are ready to throw in the towel to your company (that hurt to type that but its true). Our team consist of 300+ dedicated racers of which we have a remaining 30 people!!! Who have not returned the game or have permanently shelved it!!! I have convienced most to hang on 1 more month for the addition of free roam multiplayer please don't let us down we are unwilling to hurt our pockets again on future investments with your studio. Replay value is important to you I would assume people will play much longer with the addition of free roam.

Free roam must contain all the bells and whistles!!! Coop mission, point a to b racing, see your team mates on the map, waypoint creation with different colors for each player. Option to turn police on and off during free roam, 4 player coop, 8 player free roam races these are the basic neccessatity for a good long lasting money generating game

Thank you for hearing me out please come through for us, this is my favorite franchise to press NOS in!!!!!!
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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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And still there is silence... I wonder if they consider us as people atall??? Or are we animals that are milked for money

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Re: Hm...

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I want mp freeroam like nfs 2015
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Re: Coop Free roam payback

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Couldn’t agree more, please Listen! Well said Dragon 🐉
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I have played this game for a week plus, staying up waiting for it to be released on 12am. I played and got so many cars and upgraded everything, was so excited about how I can show it off to my mates in multiplayer. Until after a week, we actually tried playing it and we found out there is NO MULTIPLAYER. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD TAKE THAT OUT OF A GAME?! Seriously EA, this game is really really close to being perfect and you guys just RUINED it by taking such a SIMPLE thing out of the game! WHY?! Makes no sense to me or to anyone here! I’m really hoping there’ll be an update very soon to this problem. Sincerely, a true fan who grew up playing NFS.
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Re: ATTENTION Ghost Games

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Are u sure about that, or u have a little hope that they introduce the Free roam in a next patch??

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Re: ATTENTION Ghost Games

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Moi j'espère en tout cas sinon il va être de s'installer de la play rapido
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Re: ATTENTION Ghost Games

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My guess is - They will add in the multiplayer freeroam, but thats all they do and then we have to wait about 2-3 months before getting other stuff / matchmaking fixes. Dont get your hopes too high for everything on a silver plate yet Large smile lol
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Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I need freeride to love This game
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