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Multiplayer Free-Roam

by SpecSnipe-_-Enig

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Betreff: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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@monzai1 wrote:
EA probably just wanted the game to be a big hype so they would earn some fast money from people buying a literally unfinished game.. lol.. their focus is on erhmm Call of duty.. cough... or fifa... cough.. making the same game over and over lol. I dont like where EA is going! Just making games for tha money, no matter how bad they are... they earn money on titles and not on the game itself.... Yelp!
EA probably didnt give Ghost games more money to finish the game and thought, “it is ok! We steal the players money, so we dont spend more money on anymore features in the game!” **** this, im going back to games that are actually finished and will please the players.

I know it is EA’s fault... so **** EA and make proper games... kkthxbye

yea dont know why keep insisting on call of duty 20 call of duty´s later counter strike still on top of fps games by long shot  only time call of duty gets any viwers is when they making charity events. 

need for speed had street racing number 1 game for years  god dam still got underground 2 and most wanted 2005 in my computer  but this payback game is pretty good on grafics cars story line and blabla but thats dosent justify reason for me to pay for the game insted of just downloading it... cuz lets face it u dont need original game to play offline.  making a cash grab game is sad. also advertising it as free roaming game whith off road and so much potential and blabla  then when u get into it world is offline and cars u see driving around are bots the same they had in underground 2 bot cars that you can challange for a race .... whats point of such nice open world off roads etc etc if you can´t share it whith community?

 lets hope they patch it in before december when alot  of people gona look into reviews and forums before buyng the game. 

dont really agree whith IGN and game spot reviews of 5.0 and 5.9 becouse game has good physics and nice cars grafics open world and story line keeps you playng but when story line ends what then? play the buggy online mode? redo all missions u did ?  but then again online mode is very unatractive compared to other options out there at the moment specialy when freedom and online specialy when we are in the era of Player Battleground Unknown and GTA5  100% freedom and online world sharing. if this game had open world online freeroam would easly bump up to a 7.9 whith few UI fixes and more open world things do to would be around 8.9  mark


then again theres still time for improvement  lets hope EA gives us few good patches to fix the mess for now guess ima just keep doing story mode and replay old missions ....


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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I pre-ordered the Deluxe version of the game and was very disappointed in the lack of free room. The game as a whole is very much like it, but without a spoiled regime, in a week I will forget about its existence and I'll wait for The CREW 2, with an adequate open world. Well done EA kill your own labors, I did not expect such a setup. Thank you!

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I completely agree! Multiplayer freeroam should have never been removed. When fans said to remove multiplayer they were asking for the campaign mode to be able to be played offline. We still wanted the option to online freeroam as we please.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Iv even made reports before the gaem came out as we did have information on the official site where it said that freeroam will be available in the game, and they just erased that part before the game came out, which really pisses me off. Then they dont even let us know why, whats going on with freeroam, will we ever get it? Like I agree with the guys above saying in a few days well just forget about the game once everybody finishes the story mode, its just going to die.. like you finish the story mode then you do a few races yeah, but youl get tired of them, youl get a bunch of cars.. but for what? to speedlist 24/7? Like seriously.. we need information on whats happening with the freeroam.. 

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

[ Edited ]
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And I dont understand how they could ignore this topic with the amout of repyls and XP likes in it.. like seriously EA, its right in your face, where is your respect to your customers??? I fill like iv been fooled tbh, I feel like this company has made a complete idiot out of me tbh and after seeing what hapened to most games that came out in the past while, where nowadays game developers just dont give a [Edited by CM: Removed Profanity] about there customers and just try to make quick money by releasing uncomplete games, its a disgrace.. 

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Sad to learn this after I spent 60 EUR on the game. Hopefully they'll listen to the community and put online free-roam in the game. If not, an official response would be appreciated.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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pls dotn waste a huge map theres a lot of thing you can do EA and one of those its to get a good use to that map, remember this could be your best nfs game or see your franchise died

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Add in free roam multiplayer

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Please add in multiplayer free roam. Im begging you this will be so much fun and add in more playable hours
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Re: Add in free roam multiplayer

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Im sure Ghost know that this is what we want. They are listening to us. We are the fans after all, But sometimes things arnt possible. All we can do is play and wait for an official announcment from Ghost or EA

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Yes we need multiplayer free roam and a private match system. Also needed is online drag, drift and cops vs runners events come on EA.

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