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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

by BLVD69

Original Post

Re: No Free roaming cops

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Yes these people are right about this we need free roam cops and nissan micra you are just about to lose a big fan of need for speed to the forza game they are willing to put the nissan micra on there new game 

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Re: ATTENTION Ghost Games

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Yeah what he said!
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Re: Can´t believe what EA just did

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Glad that I looked up this Need for Speed forum.  I almost was ready to buy NFS Payback, but now I know that I won't be purchasing this NFS game.  I've been waiting for years to come back to Need for Speed, waiting for a game similar to Need for Speed World.  I loved that game.  I was a beta player in that game from the very beginning of the betas.  I loved playing NFS World especially the way it was when we came out of the beta tests.  The last couple of years of it weren't too good because of some of the content they removed from the game.  Some of the very things that I have found out are missing from NFS Payback.


So, I guess what I'm saying to you all at Electronic Arts and your developers you use, until you build a game with the things that are talked about in this forum , I won't be spending any of my moneyon your still lacking Need for Speed games.


Please make the games we ask for not what you think we want. 



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Re: Can´t believe what EA just did

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Dude, there is free roam in the game.

Yes I'm aware you made your original message back in November 2017.

However, the game is working in free roam in November 2018!

Many people complaing about a small potatoes in here! 

Before ranting about something else in the game.

Just contact EA or Ghost Studios first and toss your concerns to them.

Just so you know they won't be able to appease everyone's in game desires.

Have a better day!😁

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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How is that mode? it ok? UFABET

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Free roam is boring.

Typical for EA to make Free roam boring.

Have a good day.👍😁🥤

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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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yes.need for speed payback needs a free roam option.for those drivers who just wish to explore certain areas of the game.try befor you buy?.james.jb.

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Re: Need for speed payback: you need to add online freeroam.

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You know Origin has a try before you buy game play option right? 

I recommend you subscribe to origin access.

Hope this helps you.High five

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