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They just announced a patch under the hood, and i am like...

by monzai1

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Online free roam

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We want online free roam and also the ability to drift with your mates and get all 5 car specs online please Ghost games
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I literally purchased this game less than 24 hours ago and found an annoying bug and posted for the first time on here yesterday. Now after playing for literally 12 hours to build some cars up to level 200's and tried multiplayer and BAM... NO FREE ROAM!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! But instead you can only race with 7 other players of which half of them are level 300-400 cars and I got destroyed. Played 3 of 7 races and backed out. So I tried to get a refund from PSN and nope they said I've played it to long. And here I was wondering why the game was marked down so much... guess I found out HAHA. What a slap in the face. Then this thread is 3 weeks old and 22 pages long on EA's own website and a not a single answer to if free roam will become available later or not. I think that's the answer in itself. First I see the most downvoted post in history on Reddit over BF2 and now this. Corporate greed at its finest. What is happening to the gaming industry...

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Nice right? And you know what else? There was an update yesterday but nothing said about major problems... so this whole forum is about how everyone want online free roam, better matchmaking and all this and they are totally not responding to anyone... we reading your feedbacks they said... hm
Another thing is, if they dont know or what ever reason there is, we should know as we bough this game from them and we are waiting for this since it came out... im ok with it if they are working on it or i dont know what but we just want to know about progresion as we do have a right ok not?
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I think we gotta request some decent YouTubers to make videos on this particular topic, and share the * out of it.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Re: Can´t believe what EA just did

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hi there devs i am sure your gonna read all of this post until you do put in and this most topic that being brought up online free roam and i agree what this guys says and any person that wrote a post from up to down is it rlly that hard to unable what you put in game and then taken out i don't get you guys keep the stuff for future or trash can fills up to fast cuz y'all don't keep stuff don't be lazy put the online free roam make all this people happy i am sure everyone in EA wants extra money so why don't u add something that takes only couple of hours or week to make don't make to big of the deal put in no one is going to mad its completely different everyone is going live happily ever after just do it EA i play a lot of games cuz there is only good company and its EA so if mistake happen don't be afraid to fix it i love the game i rlly hope u guys put it in cuz like my friends rlly want to get in lobby and show our rides have fun i mean main fun of the game or is that just idk i hope to see you on stage with ur head up with out fake smile cuz i rlly love your games and respect you for time you give us to make this great game like NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK .


i hope they see this 


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Re: Can´t believe what EA just did

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  The fact that the game does not have free roam is bad but: why can not have a room creator to choose the game mode and play speedlist what you want with whomever you want, (people with little ping for example) ?

  Matchmaking leaves a lot to be desired, and this could give you a much more creative alternative.

  With this they could also add in-game chat rooms between players. But again I repeat, EA is characterized by the low capacity of communication between their games between players.

 I have my Origin account for years and although I consider myself a very social person, who likes to play with friends, I have never managed to make myself a friend in game in the games of EA, this is due to the little importance that they give to the socializing factor within the games .. For example: I love football and I love playing FIFA, but every time I enter the online is to have a bad time just because I do not know who I am playing against and I can not say "hello" at least through a chat.


In summary: EA games are the least to socialize and meet people to have a good time playing together. We want to play NFS Payback online free roam and be able to dialogue with the other players, this will make the game infinitely more fun and interesting.

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They just announced a patch under the hood, and i am like...

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They just announced a patch under the hood, and i am like... What in the actual ****!? They spend 2 weeks to increase a few rep gains.. they made the game easier even now when most people already completed it LOL...
They talk nothing about multiplayer, or about what we really want with the car customizing experience so we arent stuck with a regera..
I am so done with this poopwork!
Goodbye, you long lost a fan... because you choose NOT to listen to what we REALLY want, and instead trying to balance that with a few fixes and think that is what makes us happy..
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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You know in one way everybody asked for this, everybody criticised the always online mode and wanted the next game to have an singel player mode.
I still hope that they will add multiplayer free roam and i think they will
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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@twanvdamme19 It was the people that had internet problems.. But now in 2017 I am sure that over 90% of gamers have internet lol like seriously. And even if they asked for single player it doesnt mean removing multiplayer lol that is just ridiculous.. 

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