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Betreff: Multiplayer Free-Roam

by monzai1

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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No answer so far, i wish they fix that problem with a patch. 

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Why do EA/Ghost suck at this so much? They clearly knew people love online with open world... they had a whole year extra than between their last games. Add freaking online freeroam and cops for extra fun. This is [Edited by CM: Removed Profanity]. Do something fast, because you will lose your fanbase

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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After all the harsh critics I had to read, I got to admit, that I really really enjoy NFS Payback. Don't know why there are voices who say the world is dull, empty, boring or that the overall setting is dumb. The Story is no criminal master mind Plot with twentyfour plottwists, character deaths and seven seasons but it is a nice change of pace and it is fun to learn more about it. At least this is my opinion. Tuning is good. You could always improve this by adding (maybe with patches or even dlcs) more manufactures or by allowing more tuning on the cars itself (I know, license problems). The Car Cast is also not bad at all. Here goes the same as for tuning. You could always patch more up. At this point i would recommend to look at games like Forza. Even if there Car Showoff is huge they are still pushing cars in the game and the people pay for it, no doubt. No always-on, no cops that are absolutely stupid (really, someone had to test NFS2015. How could you missed that?), a huge world and the driving is great. At least i like the driving way more than in NFS2015. Finally I can go from A to B without crashing mysteriously on a tiny Hitbox of some Road Blocker. Overall I think NFS Payback has the potential to be the best NFS for a really long term. Better than NFS Most Wanted and even better then NFS Underground(1/2). But you missed the freeroam Cops (Which was one of the Reasons to invest a really long time in Most Wanted) and you missed the online freeroam (Which was a really really important point to keep playing NFS2015 and, if you patch more cars in game, invest more money in the already buyed game).


Speaking of Underground 2. Before someone hits me with the Fanboy-Baseball Bat, let's just be honest. U2 Tuning was magnificent but besides this it was a pretty damn good game. In terms of the problems people have with NFS Payback even U2 would be dull. U2 had only one daytime...or nighttime. No changeable weather, no online freeroam and no cops. 


Going back to Payback: Online Freeroam is a huge missing Part of the game. And please don't say "It is there" if it is obviously not. The Lobby between speedlists is not permanent. You can NOT just stay there. I tried it. Multiple Times. After some timer you automatically get thrown into the speedlist. And even if you would not, what would you do? Just cruising through the huge (no empty) map? Doing no race with you friends at all, because you are stucked in the speedlist? No Activities (Speed Trap, Speedrund etc.)? What would you do? So bring back the online freeroam (and the free cops. Activated through an option or the world doesn't matter to me) so that the players are able to really ride with their friends. What bugs me the most is the reason for its removal.


You put many event types in the game: Drift, Drag, Race, Runner, Offroad. - Check

You put a huge world in the game - Check

You put cops in the game (not free) - Check

You build a world around a crew about three (with Rav its four) people - Check

There are crews in town - Check

You allowed us to use this scenario to make our own crew (and ride with it) - Eh!


Even in the start cinematic you see the Crew which is taking a ride together and having fun. The game itself shows us how much fun it could be. And it is so easy to realize it. At this point i mean the logical scenario part of the game and not the technical issues that come with it. The Games World already waiting for this feature so you don't have to think about "Would it fit it?". It would. It would fit in so perfectly that people never have guessed, that it is missing.


You got so many options. You could make an open Online Freeroam, you could make closed sessions for friends, you could make a hybrid and let people generate Crews/Clans/Whatever. The People could start Events together, could start there favorite events together, people could directly compete on activities. Even the crait baites could be made Multiplayer. One of the Crew could start it for him or for everybody in his crew. While the Activator is being hunted and has the objective, the other players see his position, the cops, the route and the timer, so that they could help him out, just like the story characters already do!


Please think about it, and hopefully re-add an thought through Online-Freeroam (With Cops :-P )


Kind Regards..




PS: Underglow which turns off at daytime. You just made yourself my heroes.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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+1 what Tempestxine said!
I agree! Need for speed 2015 had these things and features Payback utterly needs! But it had its own really annoying parts!

In Payback:
- you have a way bigger open world, might be on size of GTA V?
- you dont (mostly not) accidently hit small nearly invisible stuff that crashes you
- the roadguide and blue markers are way better in Payback than the roadguide in NFS 2015, in NFS2015 you could barely see the white marker on the ground and especially when driving fast you had to react fast to turn and you would end up crashing.
- Multiplayer (not talking about freeroam) are way more fun since you can “crash” eh... other players!
GOOD Job making races FUN and Challenging!
- Open world: much more fun and reminds me of Burnout Paradise somehow! I love it with jumps, billboards, speedtraps, speedruns.. etc. But without jumping around with a friend or a crew/club/clan. I feel very much alone!.
- Tuning: Is way easier to work around with, tho it is a bit more RNG, microtransaction based (whatever.. i dont care) it still allows you to tune your car very easily!
- customization: Just like NFS2015! Love it!, small improvements made such big changes! Like the “change camera angle” so you actually can see what you are adding/removing from another angle! YES THANK YOU!...

Overall, the game is a big improvement here and there! But... without online freeroam, no clubs/clans/groups. Really kills it after a while!
I and probably 90% of the playerbase wants it.
Maybe you could add cop/thief chase like in rivals in online freeroam. Plus some small challenges to do with a buddy. Like drift 5000 yards in a drifttrain.
Challenge a buddy to jump the furthest...
Escape cops with a buddy, takedown 50-100 cops with a buddy... wow yea i could go on and on with ideas!

You made it before! You can make it again! Put something from each game (rivals, nfs2015) into Payback! It really adds something FUN and exciting that would expand your fanbase by a large margin!

And about the fake online freeroam... Seriously, it is just a freaking 1 minute long waiting server like Rocket league’s waiting lobby... dont even say it is online cant do anything!!!

And they say ingame you can tune your car in the waiting lobby? Yea, i dont even have time for that before the next race starts!
If you want a waiting lobby/partly freeroam... please make it possible to stay inactive/freeroamer with or without a friend!, make it possible to tune your cars, customize etc in the lobby! Without having to wait 5 minutes to go out of the lobby to customize your car and 5 minutes to go join a lobby again.
And make matchmaking more balanced! I feel like im always driving against people with 200+ tune lvls above me. And starts out on #8, if i am lucky they crash or just dont know where they are driving.

Good game, but you can make it better! And you can’t be fast enough!
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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The 2015 reboot was so impressive.  Coming out of your garage and seeing other people there.  Their car's backed up, parked, and looking at everyone else's car's as they came out.  I remember not even racing but following cars as they ran around.  Stopping at the gas station across the highway just to watch people race.  Setting up 1/4 mile tracks and inviting people.  Some just went to the garage and built a whole new set up just to drag the 1/4 mile with us.  That's what NFS is in my book, or was I guess.  I have no idea how to meet new people now.  Yes, I do the playlist but that isn't the ich I crave.  Now, there are so many garages but no central hub for players to mingle.  The downside I had for 2015 was only allowing 8 players per server.  It blew my mind because the map was so big and now its even bigger.  I cleared the story in a day and build a few cars but now there is no social aspect and for me and that's why I like to play.  I love seeing other players cars that they worked their * off to get and the customization of their cars.  Personally I'm giving it a week.  If there isn't any mention of free roam with hopefully more than 8 players I will be asking for a refund.  The sad part is that there is a loyal following and we waiting a long time for Payback and then got disappointed.  I don't understand the business model that was released.  Why not release a product that pleased both the single player and multi player genre?  Playlists are great if you are racing towards getting a Bugatti or something of that nature and the only way to do it is to compete in playlists.  But that isn't the case. Just like in 2015 NFS playlists will die off.  Central hub imo should be either the airfield or in the city.

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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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Me too.
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Re: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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+1 Monkvicious

Central hub at the airfield, would be so much fun! Thinking about people jumping around, crashing eachother midair.. LOL! But i guess the idea would be like winning the lottery to get implemented!
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Betreff: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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I really would appreciate a free roam mode, i hesitated to buy the game because there is no online free roam, and i would love to show off my cars to my friends, i loved need for speed 2015 and played it for 198hours in 2 months because it was nice to show off my cars and race my friends without any other players molesting us.


Please EA, bring an Online Free Roam in NFS Payback... please..

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Betreff: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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 i kinda feel robbed in a way payng for a offline game when i could just download it from torrent since there is no online free roam freeroam on underground 2 game older then jesus had better free roam then this felt more alive lmao

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Betreff: Multiplayer Free-Roam

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EA probably just wanted the game to be a big hype so they would earn some fast money from people buying a literally unfinished game.. lol.. their focus is on erhmm Call of duty.. cough... or fifa... cough.. making the same game over and over lol. I dont like where EA is going! Just making games for tha money, no matter how bad they are... they earn money on titles and not on the game itself.... Yelp!
EA probably didnt give Ghost games more money to finish the game and thought, “it is ok! We steal the players money, so we dont spend more money on anymore features in the game!” **** this, im going back to games that are actually finished and will please the players.

I know it is EA’s fault... so **** EA and make proper games... kkthxbye
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